My kids have no faith in me!

We are now 6 months into living in Ontario while my husband Tristan lives in Alberta. I’ve come to the conclusion that my kids have no faith in me or my coping skills when things go wrong. This was made very clear to me two weeks ago.

We were hit with a crazy storm, the power went out around 9pm (after the kids had gone to bed, but since they sleep with fans on they were up and out of their rooms fairly quickly).  We have a generator that is supposed to kick in as soon as the power goes out. Low and behold the first time we need it, it doesn’t turn on.  Not only does our power go out, a huge 16′ chunk of fence blew down and mother nature was nice enough to break off a huge branch on another tree and send it crashing through another part of the fence.


There was thunder, there was lightening and a down pour of rain. I didn’t have many candles. I mean we had a generator, why on earth did I need to have a bunch of candles on hand?

I set the kids up on the iPads (Yay they were fully charged) Set about calling Tristan to see if he could help me, when he couldn’t walk me through it, I went to the neighbours. The neighbours had, had a few drinks and were clearly going to be no help. I called my Mother In-Law (thank goodness she lives down the road). She hopped in the car and came to try to help. Now she is a woman who can normally fix things.  Unfortunately this was beyond her skills.

I’m trying to remain calm, the kids are freaking out because our other neighbours are shining flashlights in the windows (wondering why our generator isn’t on). There are cop cars sitting at the end of our road so we can see the flashing lights and hydro power trucks going by obviously the problem is on our road.

My phone is going off with my Grandma calling to check on the kids and I. Tristan calling to see if we got the generator to work yet.  I’m running around in the rain in a thunder storm trying to get the stupid generator to work and talking to neighbours. (clearly when the power is out it means lets all go outside and chat- in a thunder storm!)

After trying until 11pm to get the generator to work and assessing the damages done to the property ($3000 worth of damages I got the estimate back) We finally gave up. I sent the kids to bed to try to sleep.  Clearly the hydro company was working on it so it wouldn’t be out too long. I mentioned to my Mother In -Law as she was leaving I’d probably have to go sit in the car to charge my phone since my battery was almost dead. Out of no where Adrian comes and says “I want to sleep in the car, I’m going to freeze to death in my bed”

  1. It’s summer
  2. It was 22 degrees in the house
  3. He sleeps with like 50 blankets on – okay maybe not 50 but I’m sure there is at least 5 on his bed at any given time.
  4. I’m not running my car all night so he can sleep in it.

I’m pretty sure with Dad not being home to help handle the situation, he has absolutely no faith that I can handle things when they go wrong. I mean he’s not far from wrong. I’m used to Tristan being around or not far from home and able to get home to help me deal with things, so this has definitely been new for me to learn how to handle situations. I’ve never lived on my own and there is certain skills I’ve never bothered to learn. i.e. anything that involves tools or electricity of any kind.  But geez kid I’m learning and I’m doing my best!

My Generator: my Father In-law has looked at it, of course with Adrians help (I mean he has to know how to fix it for next time- his mom is clearly helpless) they know the problem and we need to pick up a part. Right now it’s still broken. Fingers crossed the power doesn’t go out again any time soon! But if it does I now have more candles! (See I’m learning!)

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