Multiple Streams of Income

I’ve recently become obsessed with the term “Multiple streams of income”  I wish I had become obsessed with it way before I got laid off a few weeks ago.  So now I’m on a journey to find ways to make money online or through other projects I have going on and start producing multiple streams of income coming in each month.

I’m at the beginning of trying to figure this out, I’m sure to make many mistakes along the way.

Here’s what I’m doing so far:

SwagBucks –  Everyone seems to use this one. It’s a program I’ve used on and off through out the years.  It’s extremely simple to use you can easily earn 39 points a day with very little work involved. 39 points = .39 cents give or take.  .39 cents x 30 days = $11.70/ month without even trying!  That’s an extra $140.40/year.  SwagBucks is one of those programs where how much you earn is really up to you.  I’ve finally been able to upload Swag TV app on to my iPhone this is where I get 36 points a day. you hit play and it does the rest until you hit your daily limit (it takes roughly 2 hours, but again you don’t have to do anything). doing the daily poll is another point a day. The NOSO is another 2 points. (The Daily Poll and NOSO take under a minute to do) there you go 39 cents a day with no work involved. Of course you can increase that by doing searches, playing games, survey’s etc. They have daily amounts your can hit for bonus swag bucks and swag codes almost every day to help boost your points as well.  You are allowed to have more then 1 account per household but only one account per person. So sign your hubby up and double your money!

  • June 2015 – $19.00 (I started half way through the month after I got laid off)
  • July 2015 – $18.00 (We are only on the 9th of July my goal was $30/month – I’m just starting out I wanted to be a bit realistic about my goals but if I stay on track I should go well past that! which is great because I’m cashing in my points for Home Depo gift cards! We have some renovations coming up and every little bit will help bring that cost down!)

SuperPoints – I find this one to be a bit of a waste of time for me. I go in click on the Super Button and that’s about it. I don’t bother with the surveys since I do them at SwagBucks.  I prefer the SwagBucks point system best. But if you have time to do surveys at multiple sits throughout the day, you may find it more profitable than I do.

Perk TV –  I’ve tried this one and unless you pretty much have your device running 24/7 it’s going to be a slow process to earn, you may get $5-10 a month, but I guess if your phone is doing nothing at work anyways it might be worth it to do and cash in for the $5 Starbucks cards – In my opinion it’s not worth the amount of electricity you’d put out having your device plugged in all the time.

I’ll adjust this post and add more things as I come across them! If anyone has any other apps or programs that actually pay I’d love to hear about them!

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