The Curse of the week before the husband comes home

Well I’ve made it 7 weeks and we are now in the home stretch, and I seem to have developed a curse of the week before (there’s also one for the week after) the husband comes home.

With out fail anything that is going to go wrong will go wrong right before Tristan gets home. It’s always one of those “OMG why isn’t my husband home to help me deal with this!” moments!

Sunday being the great mom I am decided to take the kids out for breakfast (okay so we ran out of cereal). Well the joke is on me. I had a feeling Shianne wasn’t feeling good I even asked her if her stomach was upset she said “no, just my head hurts”. So we stopped at a store picked up cereal and some children’s tylonal (If her head hurt I didn’t want her suffering longer than necessary) We got about 5 minutes away from the store 25 minutes from home and I hear those dreaded words “Mom I’m going to throw up” and that was all the warning I got before she did so… all over the back of the car, mostly on the door which ran under her seat. Oh god it was gross. I cried. No really I cried. The poor car detailing guy that got me on the phone when I was in a panic to see if I could find someone to take care of this for me so I didn’t have to clean it.  I couldn’t call Tristan he is in BC. a 3 hour time difference it happened around 11am my time, 8 am his time. He wasn’t in a hurry to wake up so I was not going to be the one to wake him up!

Back to the detail guy (my only ray of hope with Tristan most likely snoozing) understood my pain and told me to call him back in half an hour and he would let me know if he had time to clean my car. It was only him and the rest of his staff had the day off because they only had one car to clean that day.  When Tristan did finally call he got the low down and a bit more crying. I may have even begged for him to buy me a new car(seriously! He said no) Thank goodness for the other man of the house. I wouldn’t have survived without Adrian, he helped me clean a big chunk of the car up while we waited for time to pass so I could call the detail guy back.

The glorious moment when the car detail guy tells you he can squeeze your car in to get cleaned up on a Sunday. Amazing! I had never been happier! Honestly he saved me from most likely burning the car in hopes to get a new one. The poor guy to clean up someones kids puke when he’d probably wanted to spend the day with his own family! I tipped him $70 as a thank you for saving the life of my car!

On this crappy day my bluetooth has also seemed to have stopped working in my car. First world problem I know! I never realized how much I use it! I’ve added it to Tristan’s to do list while he’s home.

Monday the power went out, which reminds me, the generator still hasn’t been fixed from the curse of the week after Tristan leaves from the last time he left.  It was out for about 2 hours.  We did escape the house after an hour of it being out, so Shianne could go practice her photography skills. Her newest venture is wanting to be a photographer when she grows up!





Here are some of Shianne’s Pictures from today.

I see some talent!

Now I sit on pins and needles waiting to see what tomorrow brings and counting down until my husband comes home!

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