The Week before Prep

The week before Tristan comes home is always an exciting one!  Yes the week has it curse of stuff that will go wrong, but it’s prep time! My husband has not seen me in 8-10 weeks! It’s game on!

  • Time to start eating healthy! Who cares that I’ve eaten everything in sight and lived off M&M’s alone for the last 7-9 weeks? I will lose the weight I just put on by eating healthy this one week! My scale is broken so I’m working on the assumption I’m pretty sure I gained, and since I have no way of knowing for sure, I’m assuming anything gained will be gone by the end of the week!
  • Eyebrow and upper lip threading. I drive 50 minutes away from my house to get this done, no it’s no because I’m ashamed that I have the slight female mustache thing happening, Hey I’m European and dark haired, what do you expect?Plus you can only see it in the sunlight (right?) When I lived in Edmonton it was a 15 minute drive. When you live in the middle of no where, well you are stuck driving. Yes there is a place that is only half an hour away but I went there once and I will never go back there again! I will never have a lady that was as good at threading as the one in Edmonton, but Cambridge Mall is close enough. My husband is worth the 50 minute drive!
  • Get the hair done! It’s time to dye those grey hairs I’ve accumulated over the last 12 years! I know Tristan knows they are there, but when he gets home, there better not be any in sight! And my hair better look it’s best! A great hair style can hide those 5 lbs I’m pretty sure I put on!
  • Cross my fingers that all online purchases will arrive long before he actually gets home (Darn that Zulily! it gets me every time)
  • Shaving, the most important but it does not need to be done until the night before he makes it home! I need to make sure even though Tristan has been gone for 8-10 weeks, that when he’s gone the next 8-10 weeks he wants to come home again. Shaving helps.
  • Clean, the last thing I want is for Tristan to think the kids and I have been lounging in the pool or sitting on the couch binge watching Veronica Mars Seasons 1, 2 and 3 (we are set to watch the movie again tomorrow) and letting the house fall to ruins to keep us from thinking about him being gone. The saving grace this time is, my dad popped in after getting laid over in Toronto, he had to do the whole dad thing and see the house etc. So the cleaning is pretty much done, the kids and I can continue on our binge and do a quick clean right before Tristan gets home!
  • Yard work, as much as I’m sure Tristan would love to use the riding lawn mower, the grass will be cut before he gets home. he can cut it on week two! Week one is for him to take care of the list of things the kids and I have broke while he was gone(not on purpose of course! Accidents happen)
  • Wash the bedding and Tristan’s clothes. So I sleep in Tristan’s clothes when he’s not home. I did this long before we did this long distance thing, but since I’m pretty sure he is going to want to wear his clothes when he’s home, I can at least wash them and put them back. The Bedding, well that’s just good hygiene, I save washing the bedding until the day before or the day of depending on when he is set to arrive.  There is nothing better than clean sheets, and for me it says “Hi honey, I’m happy you are home, look I got the bed ready” (wink wink) – alright TMI, but really I haven’t seen my husband in 8-10 weeks what do you expect?
  • Try to even out my tan. As it is right now, I’m multicoloured! I know what you are thinking, how bad can it really be?Picture this, from my knees down I have a nice colour, my upper legs to about where shorts would sit are another colour from the one day I decided to wear shorts. And it’s not even straight across lines, not sure how I was wearing those shorts but one tan line is higher than the other. My Elbow to the bottom of my hands great tan, my upper arms have a nice colour too, not as nice as the lower portion, then there’s my upper chest! I made the mistake of wearing a ruffly tube top. (I have a wedding coming up and I’m wearing a strapless dress I want NO TAN LINES) But now I have a wavy tan line and since I got sunburn the skin is now peeling and it’s a bit of a mess. Everything not mentioned from the upper chest down is white as a ghost. Shianne’s words of wisdom in front of the In-Laws (remember she is 9) “Just don’t show dad your chest”.  Thanks Sweets, I’ll keep that in mind, lights off only.

That’s my prep week. I’m off to do my 10 crunches and 5 squats and call it a night.

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