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Let the fun begin! Everyone is always more worry about having the baby and surviving the first year of life with them.  I’m thinking that might be a piece of pie compared to the teenage years that are heading my … Continue reading

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Corny Movies

I’m such a fan of the badly acted corny romance movies. You know those ones you come across on Netflix sometimes, the movies that you’ve never heard of. The movies that sadly never make it to the movie theater, which … Continue reading

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Things I should be banned from doing..

There are some things that I consider to be bad for my health, the possible health of others and maybe my marriage. To put them in any sort of order would be a shame as most of them are equally … Continue reading

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Oh Christmas Tree…

I can’t be the only one thinking about Christmas mid August can I? Actually I feel like I’m behind in my shopping for Christmas. I’m one of those psycho’s that has her shopping normally started by now. In Edmonton it … Continue reading

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OMG… I’m “THAT” Parent!

Tonight I was driving home from dropping my daughter off at a sleep over. I glanced at the clock only to realize it was 9:51PM… I dropped her off shortly after 8:30PM. That’s when it hit me.. I’m THAT parent. … Continue reading

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The Great Pretender

I always thought by this point in my life I’d have my sh*t together. Boy was I wrong! All through school they try to have you focus on what you want to be when you grow up. You need to … Continue reading

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Proud Momma

As a parent, you often wonder “Am I doing a good job raising my kids?”  Any good parent will tell you we spend most of our days faking it. There’s no such things as a perfect parent, and the ones … Continue reading

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