Oh the disappointment

After trying not to get our hopes up, I think we still got them up a little. How could we not? A job interview for Tristan here, he could be home more. Then the crushing realization that it just doesn’t pay enough. Of course by Ontario standards the pay is great it works out to $84000 a year if you hit your bonuses, but we’d rather not rely on bonus and it’s half of what Tristan makes now. It’s also the pay if he never came home and worked every day to make it happen. So what’s better? More pay and home every 8-10 weeks for a week or two, or gone all the time and not making it home at all.

We knew we’d most likely wouldn’t take the job and it was more to find out what the pay is in Ontario compared to Alberta and we expected a drop but I was thinking a 20-30 thousand dollar difference in wage not half of what he makes now.  If we didn’t have two car payments and loans,then yes of course we’d be able to make it work. But for now it’s not the job for us and and we will keep looking and check out a job here and there every time Tristan comes home. Until then we will stick with this long distance relationship where we know we can pay down our debt faster without having to live pay cheque to pay cheque to do it.

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