Some days are just ment to suck!

Sometimes a day is just so bad that you have no choice but to laugh.

With us getting our pool dirt pileinstalled, we have a huge pile of dirt we need to remove ourselves as the pool company does not.  So we thought we would save some money and buy a used trailer off Kijiji for $350 instead of paying $1300-1600 for a new trailer. (We really should have just got the new trailer)

We drove the trailer home, no problem. We took a pile of trees and branches we trimmed to my Grandma’s farm to be burned, no problem.  Filled the trailer with dirt to start taking the dirt away…

Now my Grandma only lives about 15-20 minutes away.  Tristan got about 5-10 minutes away from the house and I get a phone call. A tire came off the trailer. (Crap! Tried not to panic until I saw the damage for myself.) Tristan came home, without the trailer gabbed some tools and we headed out as a family to go view the damage and see what could be done.  We needed a new tire and rim. Good thing we had the spare tire, the tire may have been no good on the spare but the rim was and we only needed a tire.

First stop Canadian tire, oddly they didn’t have the tire we needed. So we checked TSC, They had a few (which came in handy later…)  So we bought one and a tube in case it needed a tube (I’m not a tire guy but Tristan used to be, so if he says we may need it I just buy it!) We came home, Tristan did his tire man magic(we didn’t need the tube) and we were out to go put the new tire on our trailer.($112 later) We got about 6km down the road and the other tire blows. (Hey at least we know where to go for a new tire) At this point you can only laugh or cry, or both.

When trying to unhook the trailer from the car this time the trailer collapsed and the whole trailer was on the ground with a crap load of dirt in the back.  We will deal with that problem later, we will go get the tire first. At least we only need a tire this time and not a rim as well. So back to TSC we go.

So among the trailer ciaos Shianne also has a hair appointment to get to get her hair put into curlers because we have a wedding to go to the next day. So it’s RUSH to TSC to get the new tire. While we are there we return the tube we didn’t need and as I was telling the cashier who also happened to be the manager about our crumby day. He mentioned he had a trailer out back that is sitting a little funny and he’s selling as is for $800 the trailer normally goes for $1699. So we checked it out the frame is just slightly twisted, nothing major, it looked more like it was loaded heavy on one side my guess is when they tired it down it pulled more on one side.  Only problem he’s waiting to hear back from another guy who was interested in it and he promised to hold it for him.

So we pay for our tire (another $80), run over to the tire shop next door to see if they have an air valve we could buy. (A little known fact, even I didn’t know. Tire shops will give you that kind of stuff for free most times. It’s too much of a hassle to do up a bill for it so they will just give it to you and send you on your way. So Yay! that was free)  Tristan rush Shianne and I to her hair appointment. He went home changed the tire over and picked us up, so we could go fix the trailer again.

First order of business, get the trailer up off the ground it was laying on. Then get the tire back on and hopefully be on our way again.  The owner of the property we were closest to did come out to see if we needed help, he even brought his truck to park behind ours with his four ways on so it was safer for us to work. (He was such a sweet guy!)

We got the other new tire on and away we were again, very slowly. Everyone was watching both side of the trailer looking for any signs that anything could go wrong. we did maybe 40km/h. Low and behold I see smoke coming from our new tire.  (Ugh could this day just end already?) I could only see it with my sunglasses on I couldn’t see the smoke with out my sunglasses. So I told Tristan right away he pulled over and checked it out. Sure enough every time we hit a bump the tire was hitting something on the inside causing it to heat up and of course if we didn’t catch it, it would have blown again. We are pretty sure when we changed the first tire something bent funny causing the other tire to now rub.

We finished the drive doing about 15 – 20km/h, I was never so happy to reach our destination.  A trip that should have taken 15-20 minutes took us 6 1/2 hours to complete.

On a good note we did get the other trailer for $800 so even with the $350 and everything we spent on tires we are still slightly ahead (money wise) of buying a brand new trailer at $1699.

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