And just like that…

Holidays are over…

  • The dirt pile is gone
  • The trees Tristan is allergic to have been pulled out
  • The piano moved to Tristan’s sisters house
  • The water filters changes
  • The water system has been topped up with salt
  • The generator is fixed
  • The fence boards that blew down and the branch have been cut
  • The ugly garden around the water well in the front yard is gone
  • The fire pit has been moved
  • More memories have been made

It was a huge to do list, but it’s done and Tristan is gone again.  We didn’t get to see or spend time with other family as much as we had hoped but we had so much to do. That pile of dirt felt like it took forever to get rid of. We are glad Tristan got to bring his transport truck home! It made it easier to pull out the trees he is allergic to, and that ugly garden. (not that the garden looks any better now mind you, it’s a big spot of dirt) I’m beyond happy the generator is fixed, we had to order a part from the States but it arrived way before Tristan had to leave.

We spent most of the two weeks Tristan was home, at home. It was nice. Though I do think he was disappointed none of his sibling tried to come visit during those two weeks, and we had way too much to do to leave for long periods of time.  The rain didn’t help mind you. It took most of the two weeks to get rid of the dirt pile. We didn’t get to go on any outings that I had planned except for the wedding.

Now life is to return to normal. It’s going to take a few days. The day Tristan leaves and the first few days after are always the hardest. The kids had their last soccer games last week so I don’t have much I can distract them with. School doesn’t start for another 3 weeks.  There are no other activities going on right now. But I’m sure I’ll find something. I wanted to go to a local zoo while Tristan was on holidays and we didn’t make it there. Tristan did say I could take the kids there without him. So we may do that.  Other then that, we can finish up back to school shopping (which will take a whole maybe 30 minutes, I’m almost done). Maybe some trips for ice cream. Maybe we will start searching for Christmas shopping idea’s (Call me crazy I know, I’m already itching to be starting Christmas shopping! The sooner I start the more I can watch for sales!) Maybe a trip to Micheal’s, crafts are a great distraction!

Either way we are in for a few days of gloom here at the Mitchell house. Each of us deals with Tristan leaving differently. We all cry at different times. Even the dogs go into a slight depression. Tristan leaving just helps reenforce the importance of making sure I’m paying things off so that we can get him home for good.

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