Proud Momma

As a parent, you often wonder “Am I doing a good job raising my kids?”  Any good parent will tell you we spend most of our days faking it. There’s no such things as a perfect parent, and the ones that claim they are, are big fat liars! But every so often your kids do something and you get to think to yourself for that brief moment “Heck ya! I did good!”

The reason for my proud mommy moment is not one that every one will agree with. I’ve tried to raise my kids in such a way that they accept people for who they are. People are allowed to love who they want to love and be who they want to be.  I probably drill this home more then anything.

The cause of my proud moment started a few months ago when someone on my facebook freaked out, and of course posted her freak out on facebook for the world to read. The cause for her freak out? Her son was playing with a Batman and Robin figurine and called Robin, Batman’s husband (Gasp, OMG clearly it was the end of the world) So long story short she freaked out that it’s wrong for teachers to be teaching kids that it’s okay for men to marry men, and women to marry women. That only a man and woman should get married.

Now back then I hadn’t really talked to my kids about same sex marriage. I’ve never hid it from them. Heck, one of my favorite shows, The Foster, has a lesbian married  couple in it. I had never had the need to talk to them about it. But I figure after reading this I’d talk to them and see what their thoughts were.

Now, I’m a very open parent with my kids. If they have a question, I always verify that they really want to know the answer (like where do babies come from) and if they say yes.(Which my daughter did, so I told her. And she reply “Oh, I’m only having one child”) Then I spill the beans and they get their answer.  So our conversation went as followed

  • Me: Can a man marry a man?
  • Kids: yes

I high fived them.

  • Me: Can a woman marry a woman?
  • Kids: Yes

I high fived them again. Super proud of my kids!

  • Me: Can a man marry a woman?
  • Kids: yes

I high fived yet again(Hey! Equal rights! If’ I’m going to support every marriage being treated the same they all get a high five!)

  • Me: Can a brother marry a sister?
  • Kids: No
  • Me: That’s right, we’re not rednecks. (We may have high fived again)

Yay! I’ve done something right! My kids know it’s okay to love who they want.  Fast forward to this past week and they had some friends over and they decided to play a board game (Another proud mommy moment! They actually put down the electronics!). What board game did they decide to play you ask? I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seat waiting. It was the game of life! And of course the girls were more into playing the game they wants to get married and have twins and triplets (If only they knew how much work that would be!) The boys were a bit more goofy. And when it came to marriage they chose to get married to boys. (Power to the people!) Oh the horror, could you imagine kids picking in a game to marry the same sex.  My sons reasoning was kind of comical to me as it was because he didn’t want to have kids. (Clearly adoption was not an option in this game! To each their own.)

Honestly I’m beyond proud. I know there’s those parents judging. I can almost hear the judgements:

  • OMG, her kid must be gay!
  • Her children should be taken away she is clearly no raising them right
  • What a horrible parent (I get most of the blame! Remember, my husband isn’t home most of the time!)
  • Quick someone get her a bible!

I’m sure there’s other judgements please feel free to put them in the comment section, I most likely wont read them.

The fun fact, I actually know my kids. My son has kissed a girl already. I see the way he looks into the bra stores as we walk by in the mall.(he’s going through that preteen curious stage) I know he’s not gay or swinging that way.(Right now) If at some point in his life he does. I’d like to think, I’d be able to practice what I preach and be as accepting as possible.

What people wont understand from this post and I hope I can find the words to express it properly.  I’m proud that they are comfortable in their own skin to choose the same sex marriage in a game, or even in pretend, and know that it doesn’t change who they are outside the game. It shows me how accepting they are of how other people love. I know if by chance down the road  they do choose to love the same sex that they will also be comfortable with that as well and will feel comfortable enough to tell me because I didn’t step in and tell them “No, you need to make sure you married a woman”

I’m extremely proud I’ve somehow raised accepting loving children.  They don’t let other people bully then into not being friends with other people in school. They are constantly surprising me! They amaze me all the time! I’m such a proud momma

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