Oh Christmas Tree…

I can’t be the only one thinking about Christmas mid August can I?

Actually I feel like I’m behind in my shopping for Christmas. I’m one of those psycho’s that has her shopping normally started by now. In Edmonton it was easy! We had a million and one outlet stores, the really really good outlet stores, with all the top name brands. Oh it was great! Now that I live in Timbucktwo, I don’t have that many options. Most of the good stores are an hour or two away and I need to really plan out going there, or I can just head online and do most of my shopping. I’ve already started doing a LOT of my shopping online specially for clothing for the kids and I. Tristan even made the comment he doesn’t know what’s worst me shopping online or me shopping in Edmonton.(He swears he was joking… But you know what they say 50% of every joke is true…I just told him to work more 😛 Okay what I actually told him was, As long as the bills are paid and the kids are fed he has no reason to complain)  Hey, I might get lucky this year and be able to do both! Or I may give Tristan a BIG list of things he needs to buy before he drives home over Christmas.

I’m extremely big on tradition. When we decorate the Christmas tree everyone decorating needs to start with one ornament in their hands and place it on the tree at the exact same time, thus ending the fight over who gets to put the first decoration on the tree. Now of course this year is different, Tristan wont be home at the beginning of December to decorate the tree. He may be home in October for Thanksgiving and Pumpkinfest(it’s a HUGE home town festival! I’m so excited to go to this year!) Which mean we may have our Christmas tree up and decorated before Halloween just so I don’t have to break tradition!

Yes you read that right, we will be those crazy people with the tree up early. I solemnly swear not to turn on the lights or put up any other Christmas decorations until closer to December 1st. It’s either that or have the Christmas tree remain up but void of any decorations until December 21st or 22nd and that would just be depressing. I want to make sure even though Tristan is far away he doesn’t miss out on too many family things.

As for the Christmas shopping… I normally take care of all that anyways. So nothing new will change there. Although, with Alberta having less tax I may give Tristan the super important job of going to the Lego store and picking out those gifts this year for both kids. Even though it will pain me to great lengths not to receive credit for the awesome gifts… There is a reason Santa only brings the kids 1 (but normally really awesome) gift! I want credit for all the rest of the kids. I want to hear the “Thanks mom”, “OMG! Mom, I love it!” The kids aren’t stupid they know I do all the shopping. They even know where I hide the gifts. They also know if they peak, I’ve threatened to return everything I’ve bought! Thus ensuring they don’t peak… or else.  So far with the kids being 12 and 9 have never felt the need to test this… At least not that I’m aware of.

I think the hardest part about Tristan being gone, for both him and us, is the stuff he sometimes misses out on. I don’t like to do big outings without him. I definitely don’t want him to feel left out of the Christmas decorations and I’m okay with all the neighbours thinking I’m crazy, as long as he gets to still be apart of what I deem to be important stuff. Hey, it’s just another memory the kids will most likely need counseling for later! So it’s a win win for everyone.

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