Corny Movies

I’m such a fan of the badly acted corny romance movies. You know those ones you come across on Netflix sometimes, the movies that you’ve never heard of. The movies that sadly never make it to the movie theater, which is a shame because some of them turn out to be those feel good, hit you right in the heart and make you wish the movie was 5 minutes longer or that they would do a sequel. Hey if those Chipmunk can have another movie coming out later this year, some of my favorites should have made it to the big screen to!

So at the request of one of my faithful readers, and Since I’ve been friends with this reader for 15+ years (You can wipe the smile off your face, yes you… you know I’m talking about you!)  I will start reviewing and compiling a list of movies with their reviews and reasons why I think everyone should add them to their must watch list.  This may mean having to re-watch some of these movies 2 or 3 times. But I think I’m up to the task!

In case you needed some movies to get you started here’s a quick list of my favorites:

  • Pizza My Heart – It’s a cute take on Romeo and Juliet without the death at the end. I was going to try and post the trailer for it from YouTube, but I can’t find it! How ever I did find a new movie to add to my list of movies I need to watch A tale of two Pizzas – How cute does this movie look?
  • Dorfman In Love – I love this movie. I think all women, possibly some men can relate to being awkward in front of those people you have feelings for. Heck I’m still very awkward in front of my husband, I just call it being romantic now. I think we all feel unappreciated at times. This movie makes you want to break free and try something new and want to change for the better for the chance at love.
  • Scents And Sensibility – I know there are other versions of this movie and a book. I’m a big fan of Marla Sokoloff – She appears in so many of these corny movies. Rich girls trying to make it after a parent screw up. I think it gives us poor people hope that if they can loose it all and build themselves up again(and find love). So can we all.
  • Snow Bride – Who doesn’t like an undercover tabloid reporter trying to get dirt on some of the rich and famous. It’s always nice to find out even the meanest of us have a chance at love and that no matter how deep we get in over our heads, there is still hope.
  • Bad Hair Day – Shianne and I recently watched this movie, twice. Yes it’s Disney, yes it’s corny. Everyone wants to fit in and be accepted, I think it comes with a great message for younger girls, and women in general. You don’t always need other peoples approval. And sometimes just being who you are, is pretty great on its own. (Also If you do watch this, watch how they cop flirts… it’ll be like peeking into my marriage when I’m trying to be romantic)
  • From Prada to Nada – Very similar to Scents and Sensibility(it’s a different take on the same book- Maybe I should read the book?). It’s Rich girls that loose everything when their father dies and they find out their father was in bankruptcy. It’s about their journey from having everything to losing everything and finding  everything they need. It has a few big actors in it, Okay big for these kind of movies. You’ll find Handy Mandy and the Girl from Spy Kids
  • Take me Home – Even my husband enjoyed this movie, though you’d probably have to threaten his life to get him to admit it. It’s very rare I make him watch these kinds of movies.  I originally watched it because I love TV show Parenthood(I’m still heart broken they took it off the air) But I love Sam Jaeger his love interest in this movie is his wife in real life, how cute is that? It almost makes you feel like the love story continued after the movie.. almost..  You take a desperate guy trying to make ends meet with a taxi cab, and a women who snaps when she finds out her husband is cheating on her. She gets in the cab and tells him to “Just drive”  Which starts them on their adventure together.
  • A Christmas Kiss & A Christmas Kiss 2 (Oh and I hope for a 3 because I’m that twisted!) Tis the season… This is what happens when I start planning Christmas early, I start watching Christmas movies early.  Who doesn’t want to kiss a stranger in the elevator and have it turn out to be your true love? Ah the magic of Christmas and mistletoe!
  • An Evergreen Christmas – Really I bet you never knew there were so many Christmas movies. It hits close to home. I think everyone dreams of leaving their home town and trying to make it on their own. Though I hope the people that do never have to return because a parent passes away. I hope the people choose to return way before then. But when you realize the dreams you though you wanted don’t compare to the new path you’ve been put on. Throw in the magic of Christmas and Poof we have a classic christmas movie I will add to my yearly list to watch.
  • Holiday in Handcuffs – I have to watch this movie every year. I love Melissa Joan Heart And Mario Lopez. What women doesn’t go a bit crazy around Christmas? The pressure of being perfect for your parents can sometimes be too much. I’m sure most of us wouldn’t go to the lengths Trudy does to try to look perfect in her parents eyes.  If we could all kidnap the perfect boyfriend, the world would be a much different place.
  • The Mistletones – an instant Christmas favorite! How can it not be it has all the best Christmas songs in it. Mix in a singing competition and a love story not to mention my all time favorite Christmas song ever! Please Come Home I figured I should add the link or no one will know what song is my absolute favorite Christmas song! And now thanks to watching this trailer I have found another movie to add to my must watch list: Double Wedding -I may need help, but this movie looks too fun to pass up. Also I’ve loved these twins since Twitches

Alright I can no longer make this list I’m just finding more movies I need to watch at this point. But I promise to put more lists of movies together to watch, and to learn to write better reviews because telling you all these movies are super cute and make your heart want to swell up will get old real fast.

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