Let the fun begin!

Everyone is always more worry about having the baby and surviving the first year of life with them.  I’m thinking that might be a piece of pie compared to the teenage years that are heading my way. Gilmore Girls at least makes me excited to go through it with my daughter and I have my fingers crossed that neither child comes home/gets someone pregnant.

Now, I’m not blind. I try to be extremely open with my children, as much as I can.  No matter how many times I ground and ban them from growing and getting older, I know in reality I just can’t stop it. I know even though Shianne is 9, she has already started puberty. The talk with Tristan over when it was time to get her a bra was a fun one. She has been wearing a bra for about a year now.

This week the fun has been with Adrian.  Ah, my 12 year old baby boy. Okay so he’s definitely not a baby so much anymore. He is, however, entering that “showing off to girls” faze, if the injuries he’s received over the last few days are any indication. First was yesterday when he went bike riding with two girls (and his sister- Yes I know he’s going to hate me for sending his sister with him everywhere when he’s older) He came home with a huge scratch under his eye. Somehow while riding his bike he managed to get whipped in the face with a branch.  Today he was swinging himself back and forth on the monkey bars when he lost his grip and came crashing to the ground and scrapped up his elbows really bad.  Kudos to him for not crying at the park in front of the girls he was with. Going back a year or even earlier this summer he most likely would have cried in front of them. He did save his tears for me, well he tried to fight it, but the best moms know how to pour the peroxide just right on the cuts to make those tears flow. Okay, so there is no right way to pour peroxide and he even tried to fight his tears with me, but I’m mom you can only fight tears in front of mom for so long.

I’ve also learned that there is no way Adrian will me a Doctor. Those dreams flew out the window! Adrian is the lucky inheritor of his mothers weak stomach. The slight of blood does not sit well with his stomach.  I normally have a small window depending on how much blood there is, to deal with it and get out of the room to catch my breath. Adrian had to get stitches in grade 1, thank god Tristan was there because I had to leave the room. It was leave the room or have my 6 year old watch mom faint in the ER.  It’s one of Tristan’s favorite birthday memories since Adrian was nice enough to need stitches on Tristan’s birthday. It makes it easier to remember when the kids do stuff on a date that is already important.

I’m pretty sure this is only the beginning, I see phone calls recruiting my Mother In-Laws help with broken bones and trips to the hospital in my future. My Mother In Law had 4 boys, she is a lot more prepared for this kind of stuff!  So glad I moved 1 country block away, it’s going to make it so much easier when these event happen!

Tristan is finding all this extremely funny. I think he’s having flash back to those years for himself! He is glad Adrian is outside for a change instead of being glued to the video games. I reminded him it’s only because Adrian is grounded from said video games. I’m seriously considering ungrounding him just so he doesn’t get injured anymore before school starts on the 8th.

If my Gilmore girls bing-a-thon(I’m already on Season 3 out of 7) has taught me anything. To get threw this next stage of my children’s lives I’m going to need a stack of sarcastic comments, and a great sense of humour. Maybe I’ll take up religion and start saying a prayer or two, just to keep Adrian safe from himself.

Here’s hoping the kids and I survive this next steps in our lives.

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