Alberta VS Ontario

I still have my Alberta plate on my car. Okay, it’s Tristan’s car (technically) and since he still lives in Alberta, we’ve kept everything under Alberta until he finally moves home and then we will change it over.

I can’t go very many places without someone stopping me to ask me some sort of question. Specially when they find out I moved back home.

  • Do the jobs really pay that good? Yes, yes they do. The jobs In Alberta pay amazing!  I had an office job paying me $20/hour and I have never gone to college or university.  Tristan’s job pays him six figures a year which is why he still works out there. You can get a job at the craft store Micheal’s for $18/hour, in Ontario you are probably lucky if they pay $11, and the difference in the wreaths and other hand made crafts you can get shows. At least in Alberta you can get paid to do a job you love.
  • But it’s more expensive to live in Alberta right? No it actually isn’t. I find it more expensive to live in Ontario.  I compare living in Edmonton to living in Toronto. My Brother in law and his girlfriend lived in Toronto in a 1 bedroom apartment and paid $1900/month for rent. In Edmonton I had a 5 bedroom house for $1900/month. Plus Alberta only had 5% tax where as Ontario has 13%. I find that makes a HUGE difference in my shopping abilities and we know how much I love to shop!  And all the outlet stores were so close.  I think Alberta is definitely cheaper.
  • The cost of living is a lot higher in Alberta! right? No. It’s not. The only thing I found when I first moved to Alberta was the toilet paper was more expensive. Going through my budget book, we paid a lot less for Utilities. Food is pretty much the same, Milk was cheaper in Alberta. It’s also where the oil comes from, so most of the time even the gas is cheaper
  • The winters in Alberta are so cold right? Yes -40 sounds cold. Okay I lived there, it is cold.  I find it colder in Ontario between -10 to +5 degrees. I prefer -10 or colder in Ontario, that is where I’m comfortable.

Hands down I think Alberta is a lot cheaper to live. So why move back to Ontario you ask? Its simple. It’s home. It’s where we grew up, it’s where most of our family lives, yes a few migrated out to Alberta after us, and we left them in the dust when we moved back. But my Grandparents didn’t and Tristan has family here.

Do I think we are back in Ontario for good? I don’t know.  We will see where life takes us. I’m not apposed to another move. I think it’s great to do a big move and see what happens. Alberta was extremely good to us. I do miss it. I made some really good friends out there who were like family to me.

I already know Adrian will most likely end up in Alberta to make money. He knows that’s where the money is so I’m glad he knows where to go to make it. Shianne, I’m not sure where she will end up, though I think she will jump in with both feet and enjoy the adventure.

Tristan and I have a simple outlook on life. We never want to wonder “What if..” those two words can haunt a person. It’s not how we ever wanted to live our life.  So for now we are back home… But who knows what the future has for us. I can’t wait to find out!

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