Double Wedding

Well Since I’m not talking to the Gilmore girls at the moment. I decided to distract my self from my pitiful fight and watch one of the movies I found the other day while I was doing my quick list of my favorite Corny Movies

Double Wedding – It was classic corny romance. Predicable, within the first 30 minutes you already know which sister is going to end up with whom. But it’s what keeps us women glued to these kind of movies. We want to know there is love out there! We want to know there is a guy that is going to give us that perfect romantic moment. The moment(s) every woman dreams of. Men they dream of the perfect car(or what ever). Women are mostly about romance. We want to be swept away, we want to know it’s possible. Please cue the violins and send my husband in, clearly he’s been gone too long(3 weeks! Only 42 days til he comes home) and I’ve become mushy!

This movie should be a bit of a warning for parents who have twins! Please give your twins different nicknames. Don’t give them names that sound the same. Yes it’s cutesy, but DON’T do it! You could almost break some poor guys heart.  It’s also a reminder to women that most times the man you are looking for is already in your life. Do you have a best guy friend? Yea? Go marry him, it’s most likely where that’s heading anyways!

The movie is also a good reminder for siblings, not to let a man (or anything else) come between him.  I’m clearly not going to listen to it since I’ve been in my own sibling fight for almost a year now and not on speaking terms. But the message is clear in the movie, and it may have hit close to home and tears may have been shed on my end. When you argue with siblings you miss out on a lot that goes on in their life, as well as they are sure to miss out on a lot of stuff in your life. It’s a great message to send to people before they argue with their siblings. It may be too late for me and mine, but watch the movie and learn the lesson if you haven’t started to argue with yours!

The very end is my favorite(though slightly odd). If you watch it and don’t say “aww cute!” you should not be watching these kinds of movies and are thus ban from watching corny movies ever again! But for those of you  when you watch it and see it. You will know the moment I speak of!

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