Feeling Blessed

This is a hard post to write without coming across as a snob.

Yesterday I went to a local camp ground to spend some time with people I went to high school with. We got to catch up and we did some reminiscing and some adult talk about work and benefits. I’m pretty sure once you start talking about benefits and if your job has a good RRSP plan that they match, it officially makes you an adult.  At least it’s definitely not something we talked about in high school.

I always find it fascinating to see where peoples lives take them. Facebook is extremely great for this! The amount of people I creep on, really if I did it in person the only word that comes to mind is stalker! And padded room, that’s most likely where I belong.

Yesterday was different. It was a kind of “what would my life be like if I haven’t gone to Alberta?” Some of the friends had huge $40,000 student loans. I skipped the whole college and university thing, so it’s never something that I’ve ever worried about but it was something that weighed heavy on their minds. They felt like they would never pay off those loans. Here I am in my own little world with a plan to pay of $20,000 of my own debt by End of March 2016. Paying off debt is something I haven’t panicked about since we first moved to Alberta.

The same friend was talking about hopefully buying a car next year if everything goes okay money wise.  Again it’s hard to picture. I’ve always had a car. Tristan has always made sure we had a car and a way to get around. In the beginning it was used cars but as soon as Adrian came along it was a brand new car off the lot so we wouldn’t break down some where. Now we have two fairly new cars(a 2010 Dodge Truck and 2014 Ford Explorer) and a motorcycle. I’m sure my friends would choke if they knew we paid around $1600/month for those vehicles. Heck that’s more then I pay for my mortgage right now.

It hit me. I am so blessed. Not just because I can afford a to buy expensive cars or that I can pay off $20,000 of debt in 7 months (If I stick to my payment plan I’ve made) But I’m blessed to have the right partner beside me.  Yes, Tristan makes the the crazy six figure income that allows us to live the way we do, but it’s a team effort. It’s both of us pushing each other to do better and go further. It’s one person making a comment at the right time. It’s the long talks over job opportunities that have come our ways. The understand that our marriage is partnership. We both play very big roles and without each other it would be very different lives.

You don’t realize how good you have it until you get to peek into another’s world. See what could have been. These were some of my best friends in high school. I was a parent by 19 (almost 20), my life very well could have turn out like theirs.  Not that there is anything wrong with their lives. Everyone has the life the choose to live and the life that makes them happy. But to have fewer stresses and a husband that goes above and beyond to provide for me and the kids is a blessing I’m extremely happy to have.

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