Back To School

Ah, back to school! This summer flew by faster then expected! I’m in for a bit of a rough week. No husband, no kids, and don’t forget no job.

Sitting around doing nothing has never been my strong point! Today I stayed close to home with ice on my eye. Only I would get stung by a bubble bee right about my eye brow causing my eye to swell.  It’s not like I want to go out in public  with a swollen eye! I even called the sister in law I don’t get along the best with just to kill some time! I’ve been trying really hard with her to get some sort of a relationship going. It’s pretty much my final try, so we will see how that goes. Who knows maybe a few months from now her and I will be BFF’s and braiding each others hair.

Fighting depression this week will be hard, finding the motivation to keep moving even harder. I’m going to try to turn this week into something positive, maybe start turning some of my many money making idea’s into something.  I also want to research some online course.

Just keep moving is the name of the game this week! Wish me luck!

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