Going a bit stir crazy

The kids being in school and me not working has left me feeling very umm… useless for lack of another word. Yesterday I was fine because I was sick and spent the day watching corny romance movies and maybe a Christmas movie (Don’t Judge!)

Today I went to buy a new alarm clock and started Christmas Shopping.  I actually got a pretty good dent in my Christmas shopping I’m actually impressed. I got my grandmother a gift and now I’m thinking I should go back and get the same gift for my girl gift I have to bring for the Family Christmas party.  It’s normally $59 and it was on sale for $22 (I’m only supposed to spend $15 but it’s sooo hard to find a nice gift for $15  and hey $22 isn’t that much more.  I just have to decided if all the craft stuff I found today for Shianne will be for her birthday in November or if I will save it for Christmas. It’ll depend on if She wants to go shopping for her birthday or if she would like to open gifts (or a combo of both) I like to give the kids options now that they are growing up.  But they get a budget and how they spend it if they choose to go shopping is up to them.  Plus I know Shianne wants a Birthday Party this year as well.

I’m also planning Pumpkin Thanksgiving Fest. I just heard everyone say “Huh?” Tristan is coming home the weekend after Thanksgiving which happens to be Pumpkinfest, a festival put on by our tiny local hometown. So my Mother In law have combined them and you get Pumpkin Thanksgiving Fest.  It should be fun! Fireworks, a parade and more food then anyone could ever eat!

I think I need to pick up a habit other then shopping! Maybe I’ll see if I can find some sort of craft I’m good at that I can sell on the side, Or better yet I’ll kick my butt into gear and start working on some of those projects I keep putting off because I’m not sure where to start.

One things for sure if I don’t find ways to pass the time I will go insane.

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