My Heart is broken

It’s hard to explain how I’m feeling right now. Heart Broken is the only word that sums it up.

Growing up I was very close friends with Alexis and her mom was like a second mom to me. It was one of the great things about moving back! My kids would get to experience Olga and her kindness and unconditional love she had for everyone. She survived breast cancer, but now she has been in the hospital since Monday and found out she now has liver cancer.  I’m so devastated by the news. I spent so many nights growing up wishing she was my mom, because my mom… well, she sucked for lack of better words at the moment.   She is refusing treatment and just wants to go home to live out the last of her days.  So they are going to accommodate her, she will have the hospital bed and nurses to help her.

Life is extremely unfair.  This women would bend over backwards to help someone. Then you have people who smoke or do drugs and are constantly rude, negative people and nothing happens to them. What ever happened to karma and people getting what they are supposed to? I know we all have to go sometime. I’m just not ready for this! I’m pretty sure I’m in the angry stage of grief and trying to hold it together until the kids go to bed and I can cry.

This is one of those times this long distance relationship thing really sucks! I could really use my husband right now!

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