Descendants trailer

I was on one of my usual shopping trips the other day. I almost didn’t buy this movie. So happy I did, It’s definitely one of the better Disney kid movies I’ve seen acted. It’s the next generation for the Disney Characters.  If you don’t like musicals then skip it because in true Disney form this movie is chalked full of fun songs that my daughter already wont stop singing! Also my daughter now wants purple hair, so I’m on the hunt for temporary hair colour!

The story line is, The Beast and Belle are king and Queen. After the beast became king he banished all the Disney Villains to their own place and everyone lived happily ever after right? Well their son will soon be king, and as all great kings he has a heart and feels like the kids of the villains are being punished for their parents mistakes so he picks 4 to come out of banishment. You get to watch the villain children go through their struggle to follow in their parents steps or find their own path and choose good over evil.

I was over the moon for this part! Then slightly disappointed in my parenting, My kids had no idea where this song was from or why I was so excited it was in the movie!  Clearly I need to spend a day bing watching Disney movies and get them re-educated

Shianne gives this movie the highest honor there is: Watching it over and over again that everyone in the house will be singing these songs in their sleep!  It’s okay I’ve already downloaded the album from iTunes so she can take her music to go!

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