My Birthday week!

Why should someone’s birthday last only a day?

I say let it last a who week. I know as people get older most stop looking forward to their birthdays. It’s a shame, I look at it as a way to celebrate being me!

Why I love my birthday

  • It’s a free shopping pass! – My husband will never question anything I buy during this time cause “Honey, I bought myself an early birthday present” Works like a charm. I used this yesterday when I bought myself  Green Tea Bath Detox.  I’m pretty sure my tea obsession has just gone overboard but boy did my bath smell great last night!
  • I get to choose my cake flavor! – I get to be selfish, you don’t like my cake flavor I picked out? GOOD! More for me! I love cake!
  • I get to choose where I go for dinner!  I love food, I love to eat. Combine that on a day when I can tell the kids “NO! I’m eating where I want! You can eat it or stay in the car” Okay so I’ve never had to use that line, But I’m saving it for the day I get to!
  • Which reminds me, No cooking or cleaning on my birthday! That right! it’s a get out of doing everything free card. Unless I want to do it, then it’s alright.
  • It explains everything! Why you do that? Cause it’s my birthday!
  • I get to pick anything I want to do on my birthday and no one will question it. I’m thinking about taking both kids to get mani/pedi’s with me. I don’t see anything wrong with my son getting a mani/pedi. And it’s my birthday, if anyways questions it, refer to the above. It’s MY birthday!
  • I get flowers from my husband! My husband always picks out the best flowers to be delivered. I just got the phone call from him asking what my plans were and if I would be home on my birthday which is a big HINT, HINT, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. I will be getting flowers that day. So My plans are now, staying home until my flowers come and after that we will see.
  • I also get to pick the ambient lighting colour in the car.  It might not be a big deal for you, but it’s a rule in the house. If it’s your birthday month you get to pick the colour. I’m thinking maybe orange, or red!

No one should pigeon toe themselves into celebrating their birthday on just one day! Make it a week and celebrate you! Because there’s only one of you… well unless you are a twin… And I’ve heard rumours that in this world their are at least 6 people that look like you. I’m sure none of them act like you!  Happy Birthday Week to me!

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