Gearing up for a hard week

There’s 9 days until Tristan comes home.  I wish it was sooner because I could really use him by my side right now.

My second mom is not doing well. She went from being able to get around last week and in good spirits, to not wanting to get out of bed. Today was the worst, She left her house for the last time today by ambulance and was transported to a local hospice.

My grandmother comes home on Tuesday and I hope she gets to see Olga before she passes away, but I really don’t know if she will last that long.

This is the only time I have actually questioned what Tristan and I are doing with the whole long distance relationship. Is the next 5 years really going to be worth it?  I know we are trying to get ourselves a head so that we can spend more time together later. But at a time like this how can I not question it?

I don’t regret the move back. I think I’m right where I’m needed at the moment.  If this doesn’t spark me to stay on track with out goals to get Tristan and I back in one place nothing will.

My only advice is: Don’t put off today. Make sure people know how you feel and you spend as much time with them as possible. No one knows when our journey here is over, and you only get one chance at it.

****I wrote this last night, Unfortunately this morning Olga passed away.

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