It’s all fun and games until your kids win a fish..

It’s October! The best time month of the year (not just because it’s my birthday! but that’s a pretty good reason to love October too!) If you are from our county, it’s when we have our County Fair!

The fair was almost ruined this year by our big bad District School Board that tried to cancel fair day for the kids… Well they actually did cancel it due to contract disagreement with the teachers and the board of education.  Most of the parents said a big “Screw You” and took their kids to fair anyways.  I didn’t get to take my kids the day of (They went with Grandma the day of), but I did get to take them this past weekend.

It was lots of fun! They have BEAVERTAILS! If you have never had a Beavertail I highly suggest trying one! I thought you could only get one in Banff, Alberta, Or in Ottawa. So I was tickled pink when I found a food truck at the fair that sold them!

It was a great day, great weather, and great company! I had my friends 14 year old with me. I also had some knowledge to pass down to her. She had no idea how much free stuff you could get at a fair. So I introduced her to the wonderful world of free stuff.  In case you weren’t aware, fairs and expos are a great time to stock up on pens and pencils! Some booths give out really good ones! Normally I’d have my kids with me helping me score 3 times the loot, but rides were more important to them and since they are 9 and 12, I gave them the house cell phone and sent them on their way.

IMG_1125  My haul included 7 or 8 pens, 1 permanent marker, 2 emery boars,  9 Pencils,  a ruler, an ice scraper (well I do live in Canada so I guess it’s not that odd a booth would give them away), a note pad, a bag of popcorn and an assortment of chocolates and candies (Including a ring pop!) I know! Pretty impressive! Now imagine all that if my kids were with me! Even more brag worthy!

I realized later that night my love of free things at the fair was from lack of money to buy stuff at the fair when I was younger. My parents never gave me money for the Fair, maybe $10 or $20 for food. but really how far does that go? So I would go booth to booth getting all the free stuff I could get… nothing has changed.

The only thing that has changed is, when I was younger we didn’t do fair games. Well with 5 kids we were lucky to go as a family at all really. If we did go we got lunch and that was it aside from rides, there was no playing games. So in true parental form of any parent that wasn’t allowed to do stuff when they were kids… My kids get to play the games… Yes I know they are a waste of money! But I didn’t do it… So they will.

Of course after winning some stuffed animals out of pity from the carnies, my kids suck at the games… But really are the games actually meant to be won? As we were leaving I got the bright idea to let the kids play the gold fish game… I mean they hadn’t won anything yet. What was the harm? Jokes on me, they won 3. Of course the kids are happy they won fish. In my mind I go “Oh CRAP! They won!” Because yes for $5 they won 3 fish… but what the heck do you put those fish in. I’m sure the local pet stores love this game, because that was exactly where we headed. The first pet store closest to the fair had no fish bowls left, surprise, surprise. I guess I wasn’t the only parent unprepared for this outcome.  At least the second pet store had fish supplies. Thank goodness too because they are the only other pet store in town!Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.50.36 PM

$88 later… because as you know 3 fish= 3 fish tanks and decorations for the tiny tanks.  I know it’s a lot for fair fish, specially when you know they most likely wont live very long! In fact the fish with the pirate ship has already passed away.  So guess what I’m doing tomorrow? We spent $88 so I’m going to get another darn fish! We bought it and by gosh a fish is going to live in it! but we are upgrading to Beta fish, those things are used to living in cups they should stay alive longer the 24 hours… right?…

So let this be a warning to all parents who play games at the fair… avoid the fish game, unless you are already prepared for the outcome!

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