Sometimes people are pretty amazing

Over the weekend I got to be apart of something that I thought was pretty amazing.

In a small town about 30 or so minutes away there is a little boy named Evan that has a brain tumor. Unfortunately for him and his family he most likely wont make it til Christmas this year and on his bucket list was one last Christmas.

I started hearing whispers of this a week or two before it hit the news. A friend of mine owns a store and received a email requesting stores to decorate for Christmas with the explanation to make a dying boys wish come true.  I don’t think anyone could have realized what it would have grown into.

What started as a whisper went viral the way things often do. Thanks to social media, what the family was hoping just their family and close friends would do, turned into a big movement for this one little boy.  It may have started with the family and friends, then the stores and before you knew it most of the town had their Christmas decorations up.  To drive into that town on Saturday night was something awe inspiring. A lot of the house didn’t just put up a string of lights, they completely decked out their houses, the kind of decked out that makes your inner child scream with excitement.

It didn’t stop there either. Soon after the news hit the internet people from all over started putting up their Christmas decoration and taking a picture and sending it to the family. As good of a story as this is Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 3.07.42 PMfor human kindness, this movement for Evan didn’t even stop there! The town put together a parade on very short notice, From the time I heard about Evan until the date of the parade was 2 weeks. I’m sure under normal circumstances a parade would take a lot longer to plan! But sure enough there were 27 floats, and so many police cars and fire engines. They even got Santa’s sleigh and Santa! In October!

Guess what? It didn’t even stop there. Thanks to social media a film crew heard about Evan and his wish for Christmas and drove an hour and a half to bring this little boy snow… all over his lawn.

And it kept going. The day of the parade it was raining and gloomy. I even debated about not going because the weather was so crummy. But I didn’t want to miss being a part of this little boys Christmas wish. So I loaded up the kids, picked up my Mother in Law and we were off.

Would you believe it was pouring rain before the parade started, it pretty much stopped during the whole parade, just a slight drizzle here and there, as soon as the parade was for the rain started again.  The parade was slightly late, but what do you expect for a parade put on last minute? But after watching some of the videos I’ve seen since the parade, I believe it was late because everyone made sure Evan knew the parade was just for him, giving him a lot of attention, letting him pet all the animals. The police on bikes did some figure eights and circles for him.  And just when you think this boy has already had the best early Christmas ever… He got to ride in Santa’s Sleigh! With Santa! He got  to see first hand how many people came out to be apart of his Christmas. The news have reported that around 7000 people came out for this little boy.

That in it’s self is amazing. 7000 people! 7000 people made the choice to make room in their busy lives to make a little boys wish come true on a rainy day, when it could have been easier to stay inside and be warm and dry.  To get to be apart of that was pretty amazing.

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