Trick Or Treating with the kids

This past weekend was Halloween, I’ve never taken the kids Trick or Treating by myself there has always been someone with me.  So this year it was just the kids and I, Shianne had a comment after almost every single house she went to.

Here were some of my favorites:

  • That lady was nice!
  • That girl was sooo pretty!
  • Oh my God that was Martin’s house- He doesn’t like me at all!
  • That’s was Jacks Dad’s house (I didn’t think anything of that until a little while later…)
  • That’s Jacks Mom’s house… Now I know where both his parents live (Clearly she’s a future stalker)
  • Meow  (There was a cat on a leash, She felt the need to communicate with it)
  • Their dog was so cute!

And it continued on for every single house we went to.  It kind of reminded me of video’s when I was a child! Every video you see me, I’m in the back ground talking… Not to anyone really, just talking nonstop, Everyone ignoring me… Not much has changed, Now I’m a mom and I talk and still no one listens. Clearly my childhood has prepared me for this.

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