People don’t realize everything you give up to do a long distance relationship

I can’t speak for everyone in a long distance relationship. But I do know people don’t realize everything Tristan and I gave up so that his family could see him more.

  • I moved away from my family. Yes I still have my grandma and aunts and uncles in Ontario, but I moved away from my parents and siblings so that Tristan’s siblings and family could see him more often.
  • I gave up a job I loved. I had a great job! I loved where I worked, I didn’t dread getting up in the morning to go to work.  I gave it all up and moved.
  • A good education system for the kids.  The kids had an awesome french immersion school that start teaching Spanish in grade 4. Not to mention all the cool language classes they could have taken in high school (Italian, German just to name a few) Now the kids find their new school pretty boring in comparision.
  • less tax. It doesn’t seem like a lot to give up but 5% tax or 13% tax. When you shop as much as I do it does add up.
  • Being with my husband.  My marriage is strong, but Tristan and I gave up seeing each other on a regular basis to do the long distance relationship so his family could see him more.
  • Shianne gave up dance. She lost her love for it. It’s really sad to see, and we can’t seem to find a dance studio she loves as much as the one she loved in Edmonton.  Nor with the perks like doing flash mob dances.
  • The kids gave up their friends that they had known since kindergarten, Some still text them or email them from time to time but that is slowly dying off.

I don’t regret moving back. I got to spend 3 weeks with a women I adored before she passed away. Will we stay living in Ontario forever? probably not. I’m here to spend as many years with my grandma before heaven forbid something happens to her. Then Tristan and I will make the final choice of where to plan to live out the rest of our lives. But for now it’s important the kids get to know their great grandparents while they are still alive. It would be a shame if they never got to know them.

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