Do what you used to do

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It’s a month shy of a year for Tristan and I doing a long distance relationship.  It’s not always easy, but it’s not really all that different from how our relationship was before.  I think we’ve had an easier time transitioning because he is a truck driver. I was used to him being gone from time to time before, so I try to keep the same mind set now that he’s gone even longer. Some days it’s easier then others, but I’ve had some great people help keep me distracted on the harder days (a big shout out to my Mother In-Law, She’s been a huge support system for me)

If you are doing a long distance relationship don’t stop doing what you’ve always done

  • We talk all the time, Sometimes for 5-15 minutes sometimes as long as 3+ hours! I find honesty is the best policy! With a long distance relationship as well as any relationship honest communication is always the best way to go! If you have the right partner they wont get mad at how you feel and if they do it will be short lived and you can work through it. Tristan isn’t a mind reader and I don’t expect him to be. We’ve promised each other to be honest with how we feel so we can gauge if the long distance relationship is take a toll on our marriage. The last thing we want is for our marriage to end.
  •  You’ve read my prep week post, if you haven’t I highly recommend it! It’s some of my best writing!  I do it because I want to look my best for my husband! I do the prep week EVERY SINGLE TIME. No if’s, and’s or buts! I want my husband to know I want to look good for him, no one else but him.
  • It’s all about the little things. I still buy Tristan stuff for when he comes home. Sometimes its just a case of beer, a shirt or maybe it’s just making sure I bought his favorite snack or everything to make his favorite meal. The point is I’m thinking of him and doing it for him.
  • We try to fit in a date every time he comes home. It may be just walking around home depo with out any kids planning reno’s we want to do after we have lunch. But it’s one on one time.
  • We plan family outings. I’m always big on it’s not the amount of time it’s the quality of time. We’ve try to make sure every time Tristan comes home we make some new memories with the kids. I don’t want them to remember Dad was gone all the time growing up. I want them to remember him playing in the pool with them. Or the massive nerf gun fight that happened after thanksgiving dinner that included two of their uncles.
  • Tristan always calls to say good morning and I always call to say goodnight
  • We never end a phone call with out saying I love you, even if it’s the 15th time we’ve talked that day!
  • We still support each other! I’m in the process of starting a new business venture, and even though Tristan isn’t here he’s been extremely supportive in it!
  • We trust each other! I don’t recommend staying in any relationship if there is no trust. You need trust no matter what, and even more so in a long distance relationship!
  • Most important keep the sex life alive, and get creative! Use which ever platform you like, I prefer Facetime. Just because you aren’t together all the time don’t mean the hot and heavy has to stop. It’s just different. Now it’s going to the sex shop when the hubby is home for stuff to use on “Date Night” (That’s our code word). Find what works for you and your partner and make sure you make time for it.

Long distance relationships aren’t much different then normal relationships, You still have to put in the effort even though you don’t see each other often.

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