My Ultimate Christmas Movie List

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.49.23 AM.pngIt’s no secret that I love the corniest of corny movies!  Mostly romance! If you look at most Christmas movies these definitely fall into the corniest romance movies ever made! Now you wont find me watching all the movies everyone else watches. I get tired of seeing Home Alone for the umpteenth time.  With Tristan coming home next at Christmas I’m even more obsessed with Christmas then normal.

I’ve already watched over 50 Christmas movies since the beginning of November. So I consider myself to be the holiday movie expert!

Here is my Christmas Movie list (not in any particular  order)

  1. The Mistletones – It you only watch one new Christmas movie from this list make it this one!
  2. Holiday in Handcuffs – A personal favorite I have to watch ever year (and sometimes in the summer) Who doesn’t snap a little at Christmas, I’ve never snapped so bad I needed to kidnap a boyfriend.
  3. Holidazed – I a big fan of Jennie Garth and Cameron Mathison
  4.  Family for Christmas – Were you one of those people that picked Career over love and wondered what would have happened if you had gone a different route?
  5. A Christmas Kiss – Every think about kissing a random person in an Elevator?
  6. A Christmas Kiss 2  – Because once you’ve watched the first one you need to watch the second of course!
  7. A Royal Christmas – Who doesn’t want their boyfriend to turn out to be a real Prince?
  8. Snow globe – When your family drives you crazy, wouldn’t it be nice to get the perfect Christmas you’ve wanted and go inside a Snow globe?
  9. Borrowed Hearts – I couldn’t find the movie trailer, But when A Rich CEO needs to “Rent” a family for the holidays, you have a recipe for a perfect romance!
  10. Christmas Incorporated  –  My only complaint is, it ended too fast! You get a girl who need a job but gets hired based on the wrong resume. A Town who’s factory is it’s lively hood is in jeopardy of being closed, and a CEO that hates Christmas.
  11. Christmas at Cartwrights   – A Single mom who needs a job, lands the job as Santa with the help of an angel (of course)
  12. The Heart of Christmas  – I actually watched this one back in September before Olga passed away! – You will definitely need your tissue box for this one. You get a boy who has Cancer and wont live until Christmas. Something similar happened in a small town close to me.
  13. Let it Snow   When a big company buys a family resort the Daughter and Son don’t quite see eye to eye, But of course that changes! It’s a Christmas movie… would you expect anything less?
  14. Christmas Cupid  – Christmas time is all about second chances!  You get the Grinch, A spoiled star that accidentally dies and needs to do good before she crossed over, and of course the first love!
  15. A Very Merry Mix-Up  – A fiance going to meet the soon to be In-Laws for the first time when she gets coffee spilled on her phone and loses the address. It happens the guy who did it has the same last name as her soon to be fiance and they assume it’s his brother and his parents that she is supposed to be visiting.
  16. Merry Friggin Christmas  – This one is NOT a romance, But it does have Robin Williams. For all those that pretend their families don’t exist, sometimes you just need to take a road trip with them. Because really the Holidays should always be about being with family… no matter how crazy they are.
  17. Recipe for a perfect Christmas  – 1 annoying mom, 1 man desperate to save his restaurant and a daughter who gets a promotion as a food critic and needs a break from her mom and makes a barter in exchange for a restaurant review so she can get some work done.
  18. His and Her Christmas –  Small town press VS Big city newpaper, things get competitive.
  19. Holiday Wishes  – You get a foster child and a spoiled rich kids in a Freaky Friday kind of situation, I did shed a tear or two at the end.
  20. Guess who’s coming to Christmas  –  1 Bad boy rock star, 1 used to be super fan. When the bad boy needs to fix his reputation after some bad press, what else to you do but join a family for their Christmas?
  21. Best Christmas Party Ever – Party Planner romance at Christmas time, need I say more?
  22. Christmas Magic  – After a car crash, Carrie has an assignment she needs to complete before she moves on.  I may have cried during this one as well.
  23. Merry Ex-Mas –  Sometimes if it’s true love, even a divorce wont stand in the way… at least not with the help of a snow storm.
  24. Finding Christmas  –  If I was single switching houses is something I would definitely consider doing!  Ah the romance and people you meet.
  25. This Christmas – There’s nothing like family for the Holidays.
  26. Too Cool for Christmas – I couldn’t find the trailer, but I’m dreading the time that I know is coming where my kids feel they are too cool for Christmas. It’s a great movie to watch with those teens
  27. Window Wonderland – Two window dressers vying for the same job, they just don’t  see eye to eye.
  28. Pete’s Christmas –  It’s the ground hog day for Christmas. Pete has to keep reliving Christmas day.
  29. Catch a Christmas Star –  1 Pop star old flame and a single dad, you add in the kids and it’s a recipe for a great time!
  30. The Christmas Heart –  I will admit I haven’t watched this one yet, it is on PVR’d and it’s on my list to watch but I know I’m going to cry! So I’ve put off watching it.. But I will watch it.. maybe today.
  31. Trading Christmas  –  It’s another house swap movie, but it’s super cute and I recommend it.
  32. The Christmas Parade – When you find out your boyfriend in cheating on you in a very public way, what else do you do but hop in your car and drive… and crash into a judges fence and get stuck doing community service to fix things.  Oh and don’t forget to fall in love with a new love of course!
  33. Holiday Spin – This is one of my Daughters favorites this year. Who doesn’t like a Christmas dance contest to save a studio? Mix in an angry teen who just lost him mom and is force to live with his dad, don’t for get a dash of romance, and of course the dancing!
  34. Christmas Caper – a criminal on the lamb ends up going home to help watch her niece and nephew when the parents get stuck thanks to a hurricane.
  35. Naughty or Nice – Who would you look in on if you had Santa’s Naughty or Nice list?
  36. The Christmas Ornament –  For anyone who’s ever lost someone, it’s a great reminder you can find love again. What better time then Christmas?
  37.  A Bride for Christmas – Think run away bride meets 10 ways to lose a guy.  You get a great Christmas romance!
  38. Kristin’s Christmas Past – What would you tell your younger self if you could go back and change your past? It’s also a reminder sometimes we miss the love that is standing right in front of us.
  39. The Tree that saved Christmas – When a bank tries to foreclose on the family Christmas tree farm, and a tree you saved as a child finds you brings you home. You know it’s going to be a great romance.
  40. An Evergreen Christmas – Everyone faces cross roads. When Someone passes away and you have a choice to keep the family Christmas tree farm or sell it and chase your dreams… maybe you were chasing the wrong dreams?
  41. Christmas Under Wraps – A Doctor heads to a small town in Alaska on a temporary placement after she didn’t receive the placement she wanted, it’s a nice reminder that just because it wasn’t in the “plan” doesn’t mean you aren’t right where you are meant to be. If you like this movie I recommend Finding Normal as well!
  42. It’s a wonderful life – I know most people have this on their must watch list every year. This is the first year I’ve ever watched it. I loved it! It’s such a good reminder that even though we may not get to do everything we had planned in life that you still have a wonderful life.
  43. A Fairytale Christmas – I couldn’t find the trailer for this. But think Beauty and the beast meet Christmas, staring Haily Duff. Just watch it, trust me
  44. One Starry Christmas – Ah, the magic of the Christmas star. And what women doesn’t like a cowboy? I think I should get Tristan a cowboy hat!
  45. Under the Mistletoe – I couldn’t find the trailer. So pictures this. There’s a car accident, the dad unfortunately passes away but the son can still see him. There was no financial security. So when the son comes across a match making contest and the winner gets $25,000 of course he’s going to enter his mom!
  46. The Christmas Consultant – I’m sure most hard working career women feel extra pressure around Christmas, so really what could go wrong when you hire a Christmas Consultant?
  47. Baby’s First Christmas – In- Laws that don’t get along? what that happens in families? All you need is a struggling family and a new baby to bring them together!
  48. Eve’s Christmas –  Oh that Christmas star, it’s amazing how much magic it has! Specially when it can send you back in time for a second chance at love!
  49. A Cookie Cutter Christmas – Two used to be friends that are extremely competitive and a cookie contest. Don’t forget the hunky single dad of course.
  50. The Twelve Trees of Christmas –  I couldn’t find a trailer to put up. You find out your beloved Library is closing, well you don’t go down with out a fight. You host a Christmas decorating contest to try to save your Library! Who doesn’t like a Librarian and a CEO falling in Love?
  51.  Christmas mail – An Uncle and a Niece with a special wish to help her uncle find someone to love. Add in the girl who answers letters to Santa. Don’t forget to chase your dreams!
  52. A Star for Christmas – A Baker and a Movie Star.  They always say the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach.
  53. Back to Christmas – Another travel back through time for a do over, A nice reminder that somethings are not meant to be fixed, but you possibly have been missing something in front of you the whole time.

I still have plenty more movies that are set to record, I’m running out of room on my PVR! Tristan is getting ready to stage a Christmas Movie Intervention! But hey if you want something not on your normal Christmas Movie watch list I recommend all of the above!  I’ll definitely add to this list before the  Christmas Season is up!

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