Almost a year!

It’s hard to believe Tristan and I have almost been doing this long distance relationship thing a year! I’d love to write some profound 15 things I’ve learned post… but I got nothing.

It’s definitely been a year full of ups and downs.  If it wasn’t for my Grandmother and my Mother in law, I’d throw in the towel and move back to Alberta in a heart beat. But then I remind myself, I actually see Tristan more now then I did in the past, and even with all the time off work he’s managed to have his best year yet financially (not sure how that happened)

Things I have learned:

  • Being a single parent sucks – Alright I’ve always known this even before I moved. But as Adrian starts to enter the teenage years I’m not sure if he’s acting out more or if it’s just a teen thing… I really hope it’s just a teen thing and after a few years it will pass.  But being the only parent around most of the time is hard. There’s no break. There’s no “Hey you deal with this problem.. I’ll get the next one” After a year I could definitely use a break! Maybe I should have asked for a spa day for Christmas.
  • Things change-  I think things change no matter what, and yes I understand that has a wide variety of things it could mean.  But it’s little things. Once upon a time when I felt Tristan was pouting I could say “Aww Muffin” and he’d think nothing of it. Now it offends him. I’ve noticed he says “Whatever” A LOT! Which at times it bugs me. It’s little things that change. I think when you are together all the time you don’t notice them as much, but when you are far apart you notice it a bit more.
  • Living in two places isn’t easy.  It’s been an expensive year with things going wrong here and buying the pool, plus supporting Tristan in Alberta. Making sure he has money there to always eat and buy fuel and anything else he may need.  He’s so used to buying just his food when I lived there that it shocks him (a little) when he has to buy stuff on his own like work boots. It’s going to get a bit more expensive to because we are considering buying him a place out there. Nothing exciting just a modular home. They cost about as much as a new car, but for his to be able to have his own space where he can make his own food would be great. Plus when I come to visit with the kids it would be nice to have our own space.

I have 4 whole things( 1 is clearly I can’t count) I’ve sort of learned but not really because some of it we were doing before, and some happen even if you live in the same place.  The distance sometimes sucks the big one but our communication skills are great! We can talk for 2-3 hours straight and not realize it. One thing for sure, this past year as flown by fast.

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