What I realized when I was sick…

So I was extremely sick this week, throwing up, ghostly pale, weak, no energy, just wanted to lay on the couch and sleep kind of sick.

Having no husband about sucks when you are sick!

Here’s why:

  • I have no one to run my bath for me when I’m sick! It takes a lot of energy to move when you are sick!
  • I had to plan ahead! I had no one to hold my hair back! SO I had to plan ahead, realize what was going to happen and give myself a pep talk “Okay! You are going to throw up! You are a ticking time bomb! PUT YOUR HAIR UP NOW!”
  • I had to get my own bowl! My kids were in bed, why couldn’t I have started feeling sick before bed time? that would have been convenient! But no, my body felt after the kids went to bed when I was left alone to be helpless that’s when it was going to happen.
  • I had no one to get me medicine! I swear this has to be the first time I was ever sick with out someone around!
  • Kids chewable gravel is disgusting. and I mean DISGUSTING! I don’t know how my kids eat this stuff when they are sick. But I was desperate and it was the only gravel in the house! I am NEVER buying the orange flavor again. EVER. who knows when I will be in a life and death situation again where I will be forced to take it or die.
  • I will not be making “Almost Stuffed Peppers” for a long time! Which is a shame because it is one of my favorite meals! But when it taste the same coming up as it did going down… well ya’ll know what I mean. Rest in peace favorite meal!
  • Having no one to help you out of the bath when you are weak is like a moment out of a survival book! You teeter on the edge of falling to your doom and having the kids find you sprawled naked on the floor in the morning!
  • The dogs have to pee a LOT during the day. When you are lethargic the dogs seem to sense this and feel they are helping you by having to go pee, or go whine to go out to chase the squirrels.
  • Having kids can be great! When I got up I sent them to the store to buy Milk and Sprite I can’t stand Gingerale!
  • When you have body aches when you are sick, it doesn’t matter how comfortable your couch normally is, you will not be comfortable at all that day!
  • Jurassic World is my go to nap movie. Everyone has that movie they nap really well to, Jurassic World is mine… I’m not sure what this says about my psyche… Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the movie! and can stay awake to watch the whole thing, but if I want to nap I pop it in the DVD player.

I’ve also learned I’m a big baby when I’m sick as this list was a lot bigger then I thought it would be! So the next time you are sick, you can think of me and be happy if your spouse is around to take care of you!

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