Happy New Years

I always love the holidays, it’s a little sad to see them go! You know what they say… Out with the old, in with the new!

I think the New Year gives people hope that things will be different, that they will be different. If not then why make resolutions? I tend not to make resolutions. I make goals. I start writing them way in advance.  I like goals. I’m  a competitive person so, goals work for me. I check them through out the year and see how on track I am.  Most of them are financial. I like to think as long as the finances are taken care of, it relieves the stress making the home a happier place for everyone in it.

This year is already gearing up to be a very expensive year so I need to be on top of everything. I have both kids needing dental work that will cost almost $9000. Two trips this year, one to Alberta and one to the Czech Republic and a destination wedding in 2017 to start saving for.  I have a business I’m trying to start and hoping to focus on. Renovations in the basement so the kids will both have bigger rooms.

I’d like to tone my body up a bit. I know it’s the typical stereo type resolution, but I actually don’t mind the size I am. I just want to tone my arms and the dreaded belly area. I’d like to rock a bikini while away at the destination wedding.

I want to work on relationships. I definitely worked on a lot of relationships this year, I’m tackling them one at a time. When I feel I’m in a good place with the person I start working on the next. This up coming year I’m hoping for more family get togethers and lots of new memories.

I always try to make the best of every day! That is still the plan for this year! Live every day as your last because unfortunately one day it will be. No regrets, and just be happy!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Years! And that you get everything out of the upcoming year that you hope to!

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