The Holidays are over

The Holidays flew by for me, as I’m sure they did for everyone judging by all the Facebook statuses complaining about it!

For me it means life gets back to normal. Tristan is gone, the kids are back at school and my house is way too quiet!  It’s going to take some getting used to again.

What a roller coaster this holiday was, it seemed to have it’s drama right from the start. First with Tristan’s dad sending some text messages that we were supposed to pass on to the entire family but didn’t. We did talk to one set of family members about it, but that’s was it. The messages were hurtful and we didn’t feel they needed to be passed on during what’s supposed to be a happy time.

Tristan had the trip home from hell! He drove this year so that when work slowed down he could pack up his truck and hit the road instead of waiting for a flight. Most of the trip was a major snow storm. He almost wrote his truck off twice. Almost. But thank God he made it home safely.

The kids were sick on back to back days. We had family over for dinner on the 23rd and as they were leaving Shianne started throwing up. the 24th we were supposed to have dinner at my Grandma’s but her husband was sick. So she came over to cook at my house and by the end of the night Adrian was sick as well. We got gravol into him soon enough and avoided another round of puke.

The 25th was perfect. The kids woke us up we did gifts. I made crepes for breakfast and spent the rest of the day cooking for Christmas dinner. Which my In Laws came for. They live right down the road, so it makes sense that they come. I was still in my pj’s when they showed up. I think next year I’m going to make Christmas dinner a pj dinner. Why should anyone get dressed on Christmas?

The 26th was busy breakfast with one Aunt and dinner at anothers.  The 27the was Tristan’s family Christmas party – we opted not to go because his sister and I are not getting along at the moment and it was held at her house.  So we didn’t want more drama nor did i want people worried about talking to me for fear of upsetting her. If it was at anyone elses house I totally would have gone.  But I find people act differently in their own house then in someone elses. So we figured we’d skip the drama.  Which worked out since a lot of people were sick after that party. So maybe we dodge getting sick. After talking to her on the 29th,I’m also glad I didn’t go. We can’t even survive a 5 minute conversation on the phone, not sure how we would have survived hours in the same house.

Also the 29th we had more family for dinner. Have I ever mentioned how cute my Nephew is. He is freaking adorable! I totally rocked his gifts this year! I got him this awesome ride on Pirate Ship and an Elmo blow up ball pit!  He loves them both!  But back to the dinner – it was amazing! Tristan brought home steak from Alberta. NOTHING beats Alberta steak! You can literally cut it with a butter knife. Unless you over cook it. As my Sister In law likes her. She says you know its done perfect when I cut it and my plate moves too.

The 30th we were in Toronto at my Brother in laws for dinner.  The rest of the time we were pretty much home.  Besides a few stops here and there to bring soup to family that wasn’t feeling good, and last visits on the 2nd.

I’m exhausted probably more so because last night was the first night Tristan was gone and that is always the worst night!  It’s where I procrastinate going to bed. Idea’s like making rice krispies at midnight seems like a good idea. Lets go on Pinterest at 12:30am? why not? Who needs sleep anyways?

Hope everyone survived their holidays.

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