Procrastination going to bed

The #1 thing I hate about this long distance relationship thing, is going to bed alone.  I hate it so much I have become extremely good at procrastinating going to bed!

  • Making Rice Krispie squares at midnight. Really. At midnight. I did this the first night Tristan left this past time he was home.
  • Baking anything that takes more then an hour is always a good choice to start after 10pm!
  • Pinterest! Oh the things you can pin when you don’t want to sleep!
  • Facebook, Sure I’ve checked it a gazillion times during the day! but when everyones sleeping I’m sure there is someone still up posting something right?
  • Netflix- for when all else fails and you really, really don’t want to go to sleep.
  • Bath at midnight, complete with facial and sleepy tea! Because when my head finally does hit the pillow I want to be passed out.
  • Cleaning, if I’m desperate and really don’t want to go to bed and I know I should get cleaning out of the way now cause I’ll be to tired to function the next day.
  • When none of that works midnight is always a good time to start reading a new book
  • or plan out your future
  • or work on your family budget (I mean why do that kind of stuff when you are fully alert right?)
  • Online shopping is also a great thing to do at night when impulse buying is at it’s prime!
  • Sometimes I write my blogs at midnight, I find that’s when I think I’m at my wittiest, so if my blogs ever don’t make much sense you now know why.

I know when my sister in law has her new baby, she is going to be super happy I’m a night owl that hates going to bed, it’ll give her someone to text and talk to in the middle of the night!

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