Life is pretty busy these days!

Now that Christmas is over I thought life would slow down a bit. But it hasn’t I seem to have become extremely busy! Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in!

I’ve been very busy helping my pregnant sister in law with my nephew. It’s been nice getting so much one on one time with my nephew and giving my sister in law a chance to relax. Plus I’ve been helping her get ready for the baby to come, today I helped her go through clothes and sort them by size. On the weekend I gave them a dresser we aren’t using, so they could start putting the clothing away. Tomorrow I’m babysitting my nephew because my sister in law has a full afternoon of appointments.

Lunch dates with old friends! This was one of my favourites!  I got to have lunch with an old friend. She has a 6 month old baby boy! It was like time had new past! We spent 1 hour and a half talking. My poor kids were bored but they played games on my phone or watched a movie on their iPods (Gotta love technology!) With so many babies around and one soon to come for the family, I’ve been bitten hard by the baby bug! Even both kids want more sibblings!  I would say “Poor Tristan” but I know he’d be over the moon excited if I told him for sure we all want more babies.

I’m working on some new years goals to start mending relationships with other family members! I went to visit my aunt and spent most of the afternoon with her.

In my spare time, I’ve been doing research for saving money. Different ways to make more money, money making apps (I love testing those apps out to see if they really pay). This year is definitely a learn all I can about investing and finding new ways to save money. I want to get back into couponing! I loved couponing the rush of a good sale! I hate paying full price for stuff, it drives me nuts!

I’m busy… not with anything exciting.. well not exciting to anyone else, but it’s all exciting for me! It’s been really nice to be busy and it’s helped keep me focused off Tristan being gone! So I haven’t been as sad, as I normally would be. I’m finally getting the family support I hoped for when I moved back home. It’s extremely nice to have!

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