And some weekends just suck!

Anyone in any kind of relationship can relate that being away from your partner is definitely NOT easy.  I wish I could say doing the long distance relationship thing gets easier with time but it doesn’t. This weekend was a hard one.

First  I was really down, in tears most of the weekend. I couldn’t stop. Tristan tried to be positive but then I managed to pull him down with me. Anyone knows you can’t have both people feeling down in a relationship so I tried to switch to be the positive person all in a 6 hour conversation.

As most know Tristan and I have been doing this long distance relationship thing for over a year. It hasn’t been easy but we’ve made it through it. This weekend because we were both feeling down, we are trying to figure out if this is what we really want to do.  It’s hard to be away from your partner for any length of time and only seeing Tristan every 8-10 weeks is not fun.

I’m pretty sure we have decided that this long distance relationship doesn’t really work for us. We would much rather be together than apart.  Don’t get us wrong we are definitely glad we tried it and we got to see if we could make this work and as much as we love our family here in Ontario. We love each other more, and we just aren’t ready to give up the life style that Alberta gives us.  So I’m pretty sure our choice is made that we will be moving back to Alberta. Not right away.  We still have about a year and a half here before we make the move because moves are expensive and we do have some vacation trips that we want to take before the year is up.

I know it is going to break some families hearts but at the end of the day we can say we did try it and not feel bad about it. I’ve seen how people struggle here in Ontario. Just trying to survive pay cheque to pay cheque and that’s just not a life we want to have.

But I can say we have accomplished our goals in moving home. We wanted the kids to get to know family they didn’t know. I can check mark that off.  I’ve gotten closer with a lot of the family, which will make saying good bye this time around a lot harder. But hopefully I can find a way to keep those relationships going after we move again.

Who knows if this will be our final choice for sure, a lot can happen in a year and a half.  I’m not going to stop trying to make it work. I’m going to do my best to still pay off as much as we can and just see what happens.

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