Always Panic First!

So first I need to apologize for not writing earlier in the week. My Sister In Law is having a baby tomorrow and I have been at her house early in the mornings and dealing with my kids in the evening and repeat.

I don’t know how other people deal when they are hit with something that pushes them past their comfort zone. This week I have been pushed outside my comfort zone. I make Diaper Cakes, it’s a fun side hustle that I started doing in hopes to grow it into a store one day.

This week I got an email from a show manager for an up coming Baby Expo saying “They love to have me join their Expo”.  At first I was exciting… Now I’m hit with panic! Can I do this? What if I fail? Do I really want to put this much money into this?

I have no clue how to set up a booth for an expo. Thank god for pinterest!  You can learn anything on Pinterest! Once upon a time I googled everything now I pinterest it all!  I have until Feb 14th to get the special discount on the booths and April 30th to get everything ready. At least Tristan is coming home in March and can help me with anything I need help with! My Sister in Law that is having the baby tomorrow has offered to help me in anyway she can. I know the kids will  help and some how it will magically all get done and be ready… as long as I sign up…

Once I get over the panic I’m sure I’ll be fine! But for now I’m choosing to panic first and research tomorrow. Maybe I’ll put a sign up on my mirror to remind me to take it one step at a time. Like read over the attachments the show manager sent me.

Wish me luck!

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