I Try not to have regrets…

As much as I try to not having regrets… thanks to Facebooks flashbacks sometimes they are a slap in the face!


The above is one of mine. Sadly I never got to go for a coffee with my friend. You always think “There’s plenty of time”. And I, most of all really should know better specially after having Tristan almost die on me 7 years ago.  I should know better. There’s really no excuse.  I just didn’t make time. Something I regret deeply now. My friend passed away over a year ago. She was one of my best friends in high school. And I didn’t make time for her on one of my many trips back home.  The next time someone says “hey, we should get together and grab coffee or something” I can guarantee I will do my best to make time.  People don’t say things like that, if they wouldn’t actually enjoy getting together!  So do yourself a favor too! Next time someone says “Hey, we should……” Find time to do it!  You wont be sorry you did!

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