One day I will be a great baker…

One day I hope to be that TV mom, the one that always seems to have something baking. Until then..

I have a love hate relationship with baking. And I’ve decided to try to change it to a more love relationship. And since I’m one extreme to another… I decided today to do it all.

I baked cookies – I filled the kitchen with smoke… I’m not sure what happened exactly to cause that.. But I need supervision when I bake cookies. Yes I’m a grown woman. But you don’t understand! Me and baking cookies something always happens. This time it was smoke in the kitchen. In the past cookie dough has ended up on the ceiling, walls and back of chairs (I have no idea how that happened!) Despite the smoke the kids gave the taste test a big thumbs up! So yay! one down!

I made Rice Krispies – these I can manage… My only problem is homemade vs store bought! Homemade are sooooooo much better. So I can kiss my dream of being skinny good bye because as long as I keep making these, it’s not going to happen! I’ve made these 4 times in the last week!

I decided to make a Sweet Braided Czech Bread (I didn’t make it with the raisins or nuts)- Because when the only bread I’ve made in the past in banana bread, why not go all out and attempt a bread that takes a 4 hours to make… oh and not start it until 7pm at night… not sure where my head was at today. but of course that is 4 hours for normal people.  Shianne and I made a huge mess in the kitchen.. used wrong sized bowls. Really I should have paid more attention when my mom made this bread growing up.  But nooo. I didn’t and here I am at 11 pm waiting for the bread to rise for another hour before I can finally put it in the oven to bake for another hour or so… All I can say is this bread better be worth not going to bed until 1 am! If I stayed up this late and it doesn’t turn out I may cry… then call my grandma and see if she will make it for me! (Gotta have a back up plan)

Mean while who knew baking was such a work out? My arms feel like I’ve been doing push ups all night! My core feels like I’ve been doing crunches and I feel a burning in my legs.  Which just confirms I need to buy slippers and replace my flooring in my house!


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