It’s been a rough week

This living apart from your spouse thing is definitely not easy. This week has been extremely hard for me. I don’t like to use the word depression, but it definitely feels like a word that would describe my feelings from time to time.

I try to be extremely self aware of myself and what I’m going through. in the past I have been able to pull myself out of the depression like feeling. This week has definitely been the hardest by far for me.

But now I’m on to a new thing to pull me out of my funk. I’m out to learn new life skills.  Baking is what I’m concurring right now. Turns out I have a bit of a skill for it… who knew?  I wouldn’t be doing it if I hadn’t watched my Sister in law bake so much. She made it look so easy that I have decided to bake more and buy less. So my kids are panicking and I hear phrases like “I’m eating the last of my crackers? (insert frowning face here)

The local college is doing some up coming courses I’m thinking about signing up for! One is a cake decorating class, and there is an Intro to Woodworking for Women I & II so maybe I’ll learn some more life skills.

I’m also encouraging my kids to find some life skills they want to learn. I know some people do a lot of hating on the “19 kids and counting” family. But this new season of Jessa and Jill counting on – it’s opened my eyes. It’s put more of a focus on the women in the family and life skills. Hence my new favourite words being “Life Skills”

I’m fascinated by the idea of life skills. Also I’ve seen a new side where these women have found different ways to make money with these life skills they’ve learnt.  Maybe I’ll turn out to be really good at one of these life skills and BOOM I’ll be a millionaire.

Yea that escalated quickly but one can dream!

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