Job Hunting Sucks

So I’ve decided it’s time to go back to work. My sister in law doesn’t need my help with the kids anymore, and nothing else seems to being going on that would keep me from getting a job. So it’s time to start earning money again.

So far I’ve sent out 40+ resumes and received a whole whooping 1 interview. I didn’t expect Ontario to be like Alberta where you can apply to one job and get that job. But still 40+ resumes and only 1 interview??

Not to mention the lady in the interview admitted to me she was over whelmed with all the interviews she had to do. She also told me she liked what she saw in me but if she interviewed someone similar to me that lived closer to work, they would get the job over me.  So… yeah I’m not holding my breath for my one interview. Thank god I’m not in a major hurry to find a job and I can hold out until a decent one comes along! But then I think of all those people who do need the jobs and this is what they are up against?

That sucks big time. It makes me realize how blessed we were in Alberta… sometimes I question why we left… and then I visit with family and I remember.

The quest for a job continues…

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