Some days rock

Some days just rock! There’s no other way to describe them. You wake up thinking not much is going to happen and by the end of the day… you’ve managed to impress even yourself!

Today I had a job interview that I rocked. though I did ask for a higher then starting wage income. And they require 1 late night a week until 8pm which I don’t like since I’m a married single parent most of the time. I’m not sure if working that late is something I want to commit to. So we will see what happens there.

I decided to donate a diaper cake to a fundraising event for a group that helps encourage mom’s to breast feed. One of the ladies owns a baby boutique, I dropped of the diaper cake and the lady loved it so much, she wants me to figure out a whole sale price and make some for her to sell in her store! I’m over the moon excited. I know my family has been telling me how much they love my diaper cakes, but they are family they are supposed to pamper your ego a little bit right? But this lady loved them so much her exact words were “You could quit your job and sell these full time” too bad I don’t have a job. But it has inspired me to take the diaper cakes a bit more seriously, and maybe think outside the box for other ways to sell them. Maybe out of my garage on weekends, or some craft fairs. I want cheaper places to start so there’s not a lot out of pocket.

But the wheels are spinning and I’m doing what I do best… Brainstorming.. it’s the follow through that I lack a bit… but I’m calling this day my rockin’ day!

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