Things Continue to look up!

It’s a stressful time around our house right now. We have so many things we are waiting to fall into place, it’s definitely exciting all the changes coming up!

I have my second interview today for a job I really, really, really, really want! so I have everything crossed and high hopes that I get it!

My diaper cakes are doing well. 2 sold this weekend. and I’ve worked out a consignment deal for the store that wants to sell a few in her store.  So I need to make 3 cakes for that to start(a boy, a girl and a gender neutral).  I’m also debating about signing up for some craft shows. The only thing holding me back is do I wait to see if I get this job I’m hoping for or do I just sign up and figure out a way around it if i get the job and my schedule falls on that weekend.

Tristan should be home this upcoming weekend. Yay! but it will be busy! He’s been applying to jobs in Ontario, So I believe we will be driving around to a few of those places on Friday to meet them in person. Oh to have him home again! One can dream! Either way it’s a pay cut him coming home but if I get this job and if the diaper cake thing starts to take off a bit more I’m sure we will be fine.

Things are crazy but everything is looking up!

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