One tired Momma

This Momma went and got herself a J.O.B!  It’s a pretty sweet deal. I have 3 months of training and once they feel I know everything I need to know then I’ll be working nights from home! 7 nights on 7 nights off. It’s a pretty sweet deal. So if you ever can’t sleep… chance are I will be awake!

But right now, I forgot how tiring it is to be a working mom! To get done work at 5 to drive 35-40 minutes to pick up the kids and get them to soccer for 6… I foresee the kids being a little late at times which will drive me crazy because I like being on time.

Other then feeling like I have no time to relax, but I actually really like this job. I might actually be a little sad to move to nights because everyone in the office is amazing to work with. They are super friendly… I get up actually wanting to go to work, which is a blessing in it’s self.

Tristan is on his way back to Alberta to finish off his final week at his Alberta job. Then he will be heading back home! No more flights back and forth!  The kids start soccer this week. And my goal is to find some sort of balance!

Wish me luck!

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