However will my kids make it in the real world?

Raising kids is fun, honestly if you don’t have any just go grab some random ones and watch how interesting your life gets! It only gets better as they get older… or so I’m finding out.

My poor son, at the tender age of 13. His phrase of late is how he is ‘stressed out’. Wow will the real world ever knock him on his butt one day!  But he’s convinced this is the end all be all stress, and Tristan and I try not to laugh though some days it’s very hard.

There was the time he was stressed over girls. Yes i said GIRLS! He’s 13. I wanted to warn him this is just the tip of the ice berg with us women. But this particular day he was stressed because he had broken up with one girl. And then that girl liked another boy, but when that boy didn’t want to date her she wanted to date Adrian again. But he was talking to another girl. And the first girl started telling everyone him and the other girl were dating and that why he wouldn’t go out with her again…. I don’t remember this much drama in grade 7! Maybe because I’m a girl? Do boys have it harder then girls with drama in school? I’m sure I’ll find out in a few years when Shianne is 13 and her ‘stressed out’ phase starts. stay tuned for the results.

But poor Adrian. He had me almost in tears and almost dying of laughter this past weekend. I had asked his help in spraying off the pool cover… The bird have made it their missing to paint it with their crap. So I wanted to give them a clean canvas. So I told him just to spray it off. Nothing major, he didn’t have to Cinderella it and get on hands and knees and scrub it.  Just lay it out and spray it with the hose.

I had gone inside to talk to Tristan on the phone and a while later Adrian came in. And he had this look on his face… as a mother my “Mom intuition” started tingling and I knew something was wrong.  So I asked..

  • Me: What’s wrong?
  • Adrian: I’m stressed out!
  • Me: Why are you stressed out?

Well the tears start and in a rush,

  • Adrian: I can’t get the weed wacker to work and I’m trying to clean of the pool cover but the wind keeps blowing it over.
  • Me: Why don’t you use bricks to hold it down? (I was trying very hard not to laugh. It didn’t help Tristan was laughing in my ear on the phone…)
  • Adrian: I tried that, it’s not working! I’m so stressed out.

Poor child of mine. After I let him shed a few tears. I let him off the hook. I told him to go jump in the pool and de-stress!

I kind of worry though. If this is what he thinks stress is… what’s going to happen when he gets out into the real world?

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