Life has been busy

Running on fumes… Or at least that is how it feels these days.

lets see what’s going on.

  • Between work and the Kids soccer my Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday leave me with little time for anything else those days.
  • Work- They have definitely stepped up my training. I’m taking that as a good sigh. Clearly they like me or they wouldn’t be pushing me to learn more. Also with us being short staffed right now there’s lots of over time. I’m loving having the option to do overtime at home, with the kids being bigger they definitely don’t need me watching their every move any more. Tonight alone I put in an extra 3 1/2 hours.
  • We sold Tristan’s truck (He may have cried a little) He loved his truck, but right now he’s driving 2-3 hours to work depending on traffic it just wasn’t practical to keep it, he had to fill it every other time he drove to work.
  • Car shopping… Well when you sell one vehicle you have to buy another. So we are looking for a car for him something good on gas, but we want no payments. Who knew used cars were so expensive these days? We gave ourselves a $5000 budget thinking we could find something decent… ya.. no… So we are constantly looking on kijiji, creepily stopping at peoples housed with cars for sale in their driveways and stopping at every single used car dealer ship we find. I’m sure we will find something but the hunt is taking up a lot of time.
  • Tristan has switched jobs once already. He has some interviews line up. He may be switching again. He loves what he does and where he works now. but it’s the 2-3 hour drive to and from work that kind of kills it. The kids are dead set against a move. So that’s off the table. We are hoping for a company that is out of the same area I currently work. Fingers crossed. Our motto is “Everything happens for a reason” so if it’s meant to work out it will.
  • The kids are on Summer break, Both passed school. Shianne with flying colours. I don’t ever worry about her marks. Adrian passed… His marks are what we expect. He needs a teachers assistants help. He has one in Alberta but with the teacher strike in Ontario it’s been a struggle to get something set up for him here. But he passed and at the end of the day as long as he tried his best, I’m happy!
  • Europe – The count down to August 15th is on.  It’s coming up fast.
  • Family get togethers. We had 2 family get togethers over the weekend. One at my house. I made 7 batches of French roll buns for hamburgers. The family loved it!  The second one at my Mother In-laws the next day with the same people for her birthday. Not sure why we didn’t combine them to one day, but C’est la vie!
  • Sleep? what that? I don’t remember the last time I got a good nights sleep! When Tristan is home the alarm goes off at 4:30 or 5am so he can get to work on time. By the time he leaves the house I’m awake. Thank god for BookBub and their endless supply of free books every day!  I started reading when I can’t sleep. It’s a blessing and a curse. Because I like to read a full book in one day. I’m not very good at putting books down. Which almost made me late leaving the house one morning when I thought I hit snooze only to realize I turned off the alarm… Oops. I made it to work on time that day! Good thing I can get ready for work quickly when I have to!

So that’s my life in a nut shell. There’s a lot going on. I try to have grocery shopping and errands done Friday night, So I can spend the weekends at home relaxing. Once the car shopping is done, I’ll get my relaxing weekends back!  Until then I’ll just take things one day at a time!

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