Embarrassing your Child

As my kids get older, the more I enjoy trying to embarrass them in some shape or form.  I love when people look over and laugh or smile, because me and my kids are doing something stupid together, It brings a little happiness to their day!

My kids are both very sarcastic kids, God help their future spouses because they’d better be quick witted and be able to keep up. I hope they end up with people who wont try to change them.

My motto is life is too short not to spend it laughing.  You’d think my kids would be used to how I act by now. But sometimes they forget. So I like to remind them from time to time.

Just yesterday Adrian, he’s 13 he’s trying very hard these days to act like an adult… (cause you know 13 in an adult now a days).. He was giving a bit of attitude in the store. I could have punished him but instead while  we were standing in line waiting to check out I decided to Twirl like a ballerina hands above my head, In my mind I held the perfect ballerina pose spinning on my tipsy toes. Adrian didn’t find it so funny he walked away… But Shianne joined me.  (She is going to be a hard one to embarrass) The cashiers though it was hilarious. I continued my dancing  into the parking lot. But by then it didn’t embarrass Adrian anymore because “we were out of the store”

Today I got some funny looks in Walmart… WALMART… really walmart? It’s like no one in there has spent hours looking at the “People of Walmart” webpage.. you haven’t? you’re lying! Go check it out! see what you are missing. I wasn’t even doing anything special. just a little dancing while walking. I made one mom really laugh when I was walking down the isle and caught her toddlers attention and made the toddler laugh and the mom looked over. I just said “Sorry I’m just being creepy playing with your toddler” Shianne said something about not being small like that anymore and I said “or cute like that any more”  something along those lines… (you probably had to be there to find it funny).  But the mom had to turn her back cause she was laughing so hard.  But we dance down multiple isles, I even sung the kids a little bit of “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” (I was drinking a milkshake… it worked…) My kids hadn’t heard of the song… So Of course I had to download it before we got to the car cause I need to force my kids to listen to quality music like that!

I need to find more ways then just singing and dancing to embarrass the kids but for now it’s what works!

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