Life is changing once again

Holidays are over.. the Czech Republic was AMAZING!! Now it’s back to the real world. Though I will go back and write some posts about our travels.

Tristan started actually working for his new job this past week. He did his orientation before we went on holidays. The kids went back to school. As for me, today was my final day working days in the office. Now I have a glorious 5 days off before I start my 7 nights on 7 nights off night shift rotation!

I’m excited for the change and hoping I’m up to the challenge of working 8pm-8am. I’ve done it in the past before but only for 3 days at a time. Now I just have to find something to fill those 7 days off. Maybe I’ll take some online courses, or maybe focus more on my diaper cakes. The world is my oyster!  With another Niece on the way I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time helping my sister in law with her two kids!  I’m excited for the upcoming year!  I hope I don’t waste it!

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