Back to Plan A

What a crazy few months it has been. First Tristan moved back, he switched jobs 3 times before we even left for our Europe vacation, and now… well we are right back where we started.

It’s been a year full of ups and downs. We thought for sure if tristan came home we could handle the pay cut… On paper we could. based on the “promises” companies said their guys make it should have worked out. The first job liked to pick and choose what he got paid for. example he would get paid for ‘finished’ runs. for if load A got delivered and even if load B got delivered there was no guarantee he’d get paid for both if they happened in the same pay period. We felt like they were trying to control how much their drivers made. Also they told Tristan they hired him for their heavy haul but wouldn’t let him show them what he could do. They ended up telling him they had to prove himself. Which is no problem if they’d give him loads he could prove himself onSo Tristan switched companies.

The next company was better… It was Union… We had never worked for a Union before… What we learned is Union workers are a bunch of whining babies. But besides the whining done by ‘seniority’  union guys (which was anyone hired before Tristan). It wasn’t a bad job. Tristan enjoyed it a lot. They used his expertise, let him haul over sized. it was perfect, except… it was 2 1/2 hours away.  It was a very long drive. It was costing too much in gas to go back and forth. $110 every other day was insane to pay for fuel. So we sold Tristan’s pickup truck (I think I may have seen tears as it pulled away) and bought a Mazda3… I know I know every guys dream car (poor guy).

We started looking for a job closer to home. Tristan had been eyeing one company for a few years now. Every time we’d come back to Ontario on holidays we had to do a ‘drive by’. This company wanted him so bad they had him do his orientation before we left for Europe.  Then we came back and he did 1 load…. just one… They did have him working in the yard and other stuff when they couldn’t find him loads. We found out after we gave our notice that somehow someone had messed up and marked his truck out of service which is why he wasn’t receiving any loads… But he was told if things pick up they will call him and he’s welcome back any time. Actually he’s welcome back at two out of those 3 jobs any time.

Which brings us almost back to date. We realized he wasn’t getting the hours at job #3. How long to we hold on to a sinking ship? and who knows how long it would have taken them to realize he was marked out of service by mistake? Well I don’t like to wonder what if’s! Tristan and I operate on one life motto and it’s one everyone has heard, but it definitely guides us in everything we do. Our motto “Everything happens for a reason”. It’s our belief for everything.

So once we realized job #3 wasn’t working out, well we decided our plan for Tristan moving home isn’t working right now.  We aren’t getting a head and we are actually sinking.. We weren’t sinking fast but it was a steady decline.  So Tristan and I wrote an email before he left for work to his old job in Alberta see if they had any open trucks and if they’d take him back.  Within half an hour of their head office opening they were calling him to rehire him. So now he’s back in Alberta and we are back to our plan A.

It’s not like we didn’t try it here,  and we loved having him home. But a Trucker isn’t supposed to be home all the time, they don’t make any money being home.  I’d like to think our Plan A is going to be stronger this time, I think we learned a lot in the last few months!

  • I bake more, who knew I was such a great baker? and I bake from scratch, I didn’t see that one ever happening.
  • We shop at the butchers for our meat. They don’t charge tax! Who knew?
  • We sold his truck which saves us $500/month in payments (our insurance also went down after selling it)
  • We got rid of cable saving up $102/mont
  • Alright but I upped my internet speed and got an android box. But my work is covering 25% of my internet bill because I work nights from home (which is also saving me gas money, If I’d stop running over nails it would save me wear and tear on the car too)

I think we had to go through these last few months trying to find ways to save money in hopes that he could stay here in Ontario with us. I think it’s set us up to be more successful this time around. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to ever revisit a plan you had thought you were done with, sometimes the first plan was a good plan… it just needed a little tweaking!

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