Wait… What day is it?

No really… What day is it? and How many day until Christmas???

I’ve been so busy working. I got the bright Idea to get a job outside of the house part time, because working from home is great… until you realize it gives you just the kids to talk to… and well if your kids are like my kids, they tend to have their own friends and only talk to me when they need something or if I’m the butt of one of their jokes. So it was Hi Ho off to work I go. 8 days a month(roughly) to do collections for a Dentist office. I love it! The girls there are amazing! One of my girlfriends from high school works across the street from the mall I work in and we meet for lunch almost every day I work. And when she’s not there I (“window”) Shop through the mall. Okay so maybe working in the mall may not be such a good idea. I promise I’m trying to keep my spending down. But it’s going to have it’s perks because I am sooooooooooooooo far behind in my Christmas shopping I’m debating about telling the kids this years Christmas is cancelled and just start planning for next years. I’m not sure what happened. Normally I’m almost done my Christmas shopping. This year I don’t have much done at all.

Life is busy. I work Thursday- Wednesday night for my night shift. Then work Friday, Monday-Wednesday for the Dentist office. Yay for my weekend off coming up. where I will refuse to leave my house! I thought I’d feel more tired working so much but so far I’m enjoying it a lot.  Both jobs are different enough. And I love doing collections so it doesn’t really feel like a job! Working so much also gives me less time to miss Tristan. I don’t have time to focus on it.

Plus, as if there wasn’t enough going on Both kids decided to catch Chicken Pox… I know I know… there’s a vaccine for that. But I believe Chicken Pox is a childhood disease that most kids caught and everyone I know survived getting it. Also My kids were the first generation that the vaccine came out for… and there was no way I was going to let them be the trial generation just to find out there were side effects down the road.  So all and all I’m happy they got it now I don’t have to worry about it.

Other big news. We decided in about two years we are going to move back to Alberta. With the jobs not working out in Ontario and Tristan having to go back to Alberta to work. We don’t really like being far apart. So we are taking two years so Shianne can finish Grade 8 with her favourite teacher, which was my favourite teacher growing up (how can I let her miss out on that) Also we are going to get as many renovations done on our current house to up the value so we can have a nice down payment for a house in Alberta. We haven’t told family yet. But I would be surprised if they don’t see it coming. At the end of the day Tristan and I would rather be together then far apart.

I think that’s it for my update. I’m off to double check what day it is for the gazillith time.. it’s umm Tuesday? right? or it’s my Thursday almost my Friday for one job lol.. and thus I need to confirm my days.

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