Your Children will Amaze you if chance!

With me working two jobs. 1 one nights and the other filling my days off. My kids have definitely stepped up to the plate and shown me what they can do. They’ve never complained. I think they enjoy showing me what they can do and seeing for them selves what they are capable of!

My kids can cook dinner! At 13 and 11 years old. They can cook! who would have thought? And they WANT to cook. My 11 year old can make simple meals that are 3 to 4 ingredients, or if it’s a frozen dinner. She has figured out all that reading she’s done in school is coming in handy! My 13 year old will make breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs and Croissants filled with cheese. (Which my husband doesn’t eat the croissants when I make them with cheese. But he will he them when my son makes them) My 11 year old can bake, all by herself. Start to finish, 100% by her self. She knows how to tell when a cake is done baking. It’s amazing. I think My husband was pretty impressed to when he was home over Christmas and sure enough the kids wanted to show off their skills. (Hey I was working nights so I was sleeping, Someone had to feed him lol)

My kids kids now help me meal plan. I don’t know if they realize it or not but I’ll leave a note pad of paper on the table with the Word Dinner and the numbers 1-7 below it and they will write in meals they would like. The pick a few each week that they will make and the rest I will make…. or buy (cause really I’m really really tired some days)

The are more then willing to help out around the house. Working nights is weird.  when I have breaks, I don’t know what to do with myself. Do I clean? do I Bake? I wont go walking in the dark.. If I can’t see what’s around me, I’m not gonna lie it kind of freaks me out… I blame one too many horror movies on that!  But If there’s things I’m too tired to do(Because honestly switching back and forth from nights to days and back again is exhausting!) They always have everything I ask done before I wake up from sleeping or before I get home from the day job.

We talk a lot about money! Did you know your child only has to be 12 to sign off on their own investments? Well now you know! My kids have money invested! At first I’m sure it was something I forced them to do.  But they get mail from the bank that tells them How much their investment has made and that they are reinvesting it. My kids have the goal of getting another investment going before this year is done. Which makes me pretty proud. I’m not going to lie! My kids are going to be better off in their early years when they move out then most people I know!

Now I just want to find ways to keep encouraging them to grow. To give them the self confidence they are going to need in this cruel world where everyone is going to judge their every move.  I like the encourage them to think of a job they want to do as an adult that isn’t the normal 9-5.  Where they aren’t stuck in a cubicle their whole life staring at 4 walls. I want them to know they can do anything in this world they set their mind to. You want to be a singer? Great! Come up with a plan and make it happen! But I also let my daughter know. Singers aren’t just singers, now a days they are clothes designers, they act in commercials. They don’t just do one thing.

The most important thing I ask my kids every so often probably to the point it drives them crazy.  I ask “Who’s the only opinion that matters?” The used to look at me and say yours. But I told them “No, The ONLY opinion that matters is your own. It doesn’t matter what your friends think, your Grandparents think, or even what your dad or I think.  As long as you can look yourself in the mirror and you are happy with the choices you make, THAT is the only thing that matters!”

My newest favourite saying which I will get and put up somewhere in the house, comes from a movie I recently fell in love with! Surprise, Surprise it’s a Hallmark movie. The Birthday Wish. The mom gives a great piece of advice “Do what makes you happy today and tomorrow will take care of itself” I don’t think I’ve heard of a better way to love life than that simple quote.


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