Hi, I’m Cindy!

I’m a (part-time) wife to Tristan and a full-time mom to Adrian and Shianne. I have to furry babies as well Jenna and Titan.

Being a part-time spouse is something my husband and I have always joked about. In our early years together Tristan was a tire technician, always on call. He’d walk in the door some nights just to have the phone go off and have to turn around and walk right back out. Now the roles have reversed (sort of).

Here’s our story.

Summer 2014: Tristan really wanted to buy a house, but the debate was do we buy in Edmonton where we had lived for the last 8 1/2 years or in Ontario where most of our family lives.  We started off looking mostly in Edmonton and the surrounding area.  We knew eventually we wanted to end up back in Ontario but we thought maybe in 5 or so years. We couldn’t afford for Tristan to take a drop in pay. However, looking at houses in the Edmonton area started to put me in a funk. I wouldn’t call it depressed. But Tristan did! He could tell I wasn’t myself and we switched it up. We started looking at houses back in our home town. Enlisted my Mother In-Laws help to look at houses on our behalf.  And the rest is history.

Now the kids and I live in Ontario, back in our home town, and Tristan is a heavy haul truck driver out in Alberta. Now I don’t want to say I’m the kind of woman who sets woman power back generations. But I am! I totally rely on my husband to do all those manly things a husband does.  I haven’t cut the lawn in 10+ years, I can’t run the snow blower, I don’t unclog drains, change filters, fix things that are broken, I’m directionally handicapped (really I couldn’t find my way out of a room with one door). I swear everything bad happens either the week before Tristan is due to be home or the week after he leaves. So this is a blog follow our adventures. The good, the bad, the frustrating moments that come along and how I hopefully handled them with positivity(insert eye roll), grace (ya right!) and hopefully only a few tears!

Welcome to my adventure!

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